Monday, March 14, 2011

What I Wrote For My English Essay

I like writing.

No, wait, let me rephrase that,
I like typing.

Typing won't make my hand cramp.

And o yea,
I like typing things I wanna type.

Not those exam thingy..

But since I'm a student,

Kay, this morning I had Writing Test.
Essay writing.

There were two topics to choose from,
I chose the new advances in technology made changes in method of transport and how they travel blah blah blah blah. Uhm... Dia minta benefits and disadvantages.

So, uhm.... this was what I wrote.



The first wheel ever created by man was during the 650 A.D. The first wheel was of stones and it took man a long time before they figure out hot to exactly get that wheel and use it to provide man with the ability to travel. Modern advances has since done changes to the original idea of rock wheels. After rock, it was replaced by wood since it is lighter, and now we have wheels made up of rubber and metals. The wheels have changed, so does the transport method. Cars, planes, trains and a lot more to list but due to insufficient time ans space on this paper, I'll only list them up to this point only... Thus, it is an inevitable fact that these changes has its own pros and cons.

One of the benefits of having these new advances in technology is that now, man can travel all over the world in a short period of time. Back in those days, travelling from let's say Japan to Malaysia via water will take a few days if not weeks! But now via air, a more convenient way and not forgetting exceptionally cheaper using Airasia, it will only take a few hours! See how fast that is! We could be in two places in one time, not meaning it literally though but that's how fast we can go from one destination to another.

Other than that, the pros that we get is now it's even easier for people who are incapable of travelling via foot, in other means incapable of walking to travel just anywhere around the world! Wheelchair can only take them to places within reach, but using airplanes, ships, cars, they can go to Rome, Paris, Korea, just ANYWHERE! Modern technology has done great by helping people like them to go anywhere as they please and discover the world with their own eyes.

However, not everything is perfect. Eventhough new breakthroughs such as these has done great for us, they hace their own disadvantages too. Since it is easier for us to get from one place to another, people travel easier. Not only people though, but bacterias and viruses too! An example of such occurrences is the pandemic outbreak in 2009, the H1N1 virus, also known as Swine Flu. Started in China, the flu spreads in just a blink of an eye. First it was is China, then Korea, then Japan, Malaysia, America and so on! Soon it was affecting people from all over the world! How? Humans became the medium for these viruses to travel, and airplanes, ships, become human's, and that is how the pandemic starts.

To conclude, not every creation of man is perfect. We all can learn how to use it, but since we are gifted with the ability to think, we can use it as well as misuse it and abuse it. I'm glad though because man are evolving. Soon, even more and more invention will be brought forward to make our life easier! Next thing we know, someone somewhere might even have perfected the formula to travel through means of teleportation!

Yup. That was it.
I know it's bad.
I don't think U guys will really read it.

I wasn't serious when I was writing this essay.

But, I wrote it anyway and gave it to the teacher.


I was laughing the whole time I was writing....


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Turn Off

Ok, I'm bored.

I got nothing to do. It's morning. And I just woke up a tad bit too early. Hahaha~

So I'm gonna tell about what makes GIRLS run away from GUYS.

For me lah. I don't know about other GIRLS.

So here it is.

1. Smoke.

The number ONE thing I DON'T like if a guys smokes. Nuff said. Xmau cakap panjang2, nanti ada yang terasa.

2. Chewing With Mouth Open

Sorry guys, but there are some girls who found this to be rather disgusting and disturbing. Please close your mouth during chewing Ur food. We don't wanna know what's going on inside there. SERIOUSLY, WE DON'T.

If U are this cute, then nevermind.. ^^

3. Long Nails

What's the purpose of guys having long nails anyway? I don't get it. Girls I get lah because my mom said "Perempuan kuku panjang nda apa, sebab ini guna untuk protection juga... Tapi mami simpan sebab senang untuk menggaru."
I think I can tolerate if girls have long nails, but guys, PLEASE, clip it. PLEASE. I can't talk without staring at Ur nails. It's distracting. I feel like I wanna cut them myself. Not using nail-clippers, NO, I'll use PARANG. I'll cut Ur fingers too.

4. Long Hair


5. Bad Breath

Uhm... This is the number ONE reason why I didn't choose Dentistry. I don't like the smell of people's breath sometimes. Yah..If U have bad breath, U'll do a good job torturing me. Nope, body smell is okay, not BAD BREATH. I'd die.

6. Wearing Slippers

Uhm. It's OK if Ur selipar has a COOL look. But kalau pakai yang buruk2 tu, macam selipar gipun ka, pastu nampak jari2 kaki with unclip toenails, and then nampak lagi segala rahsia2 yang ada di kaki ko tu, fungus pa infection pa semua, PLEASE LAH. COVER THEM!

It's torturing my eyes. If we talk, I won't look at U, I'll look at Ur feet. ThenI'll gag. Then I'll throw up right then and there. Meaning, I won't hesitate to show U what I ate for breakfast.

7. Popping Ur Pimples While Talking

EWEW!!!!! I HATE THIS ONE. Sorry, I know some of U guys do it involuntarily, but couldn't U guys just tahan please? Wait till U get to Ur room, get a mirror, and do it there. I don't wanna know how U pop it. I don't wanna see how big the white thingy that came out of there. I don't wanna see Ur face bleeding at certain spots. Please. I'm sorry. But I really prefer not seeing that.

Ok, I think that's all I can think of right now. Haha~
Being my so called OCD self, there are some things I can't tolerate.

And this one here I wrote based on my experience lah.

But in the end, all those can be topped by a guy's attitude.
How he really looks like from the inside.

And if the girl has fallen TRULY MADLY DEEPLY in love with him.


Copy Paste title lagu Savage Garden kejap.


*Pics credit to Google Image

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Letting It Out

Since my friend Dai recently updated her blog with her confession,
I thought "Oh that seems like a good idea to blog about!"

So, uhm...
Here it goes.

Her topic was about heart.

Or more specifically, L.O.V.E.

She and I had something more in common than we had ever known.

Yes, I agree that L.O.V.E. is not only joy and that kinky feeling U have in you stomach.
Or the butterflies U feel in Ur stomach when U lay eyes on him,
Or the made up disease or symptoms U start to have when he's around.

Not all Sweet and Cheery,
It brings pain too.
It hurts so much that at one point U feel like dying.

Ok, yang itu aku reka. Amik line dari movie. Haven't personally experienced it. I mean the feel-like-dying part. The hurt, YES, but not till the feel-like-dying part.

Uhm.. Ok I'm starting to write nonsense..
Back to being serious.

Uhm. I've been hurt.
Yea, that's true.

But at that time, I didn't know I was hurt.
Coz I had noooo idea what it meant being hurt.
Or being in love.
Or any of those kinds.

I only know the term CINTA MONYET.
Or LOVE MONKEY if di-direct tranlate-kan.
Monkey Love.

But I don't play Monkey Love.
I don't play monkey.
I play LIKE a monkey at times,
but not monkey love.

I'm more of a pemendam perasaan type.
I don't tell.
I won't tell.
I wait.
Wait and see.

And that was the part where it hurts.

It hurts when he said he likes (ok, aku guna perkataan LIKE je, malas nak guna LOVE, geli....) someone else.
Someone who in my eyes, perfect for him.
Maybe way too perfect.
But I think the most IDIOTIC thing I did,
was to help him get her.

Told him tips and all. (macamlah aku tahu sangat)
Listened to all his complains, how he misses her, how he LIKES her so much.

All that. That's what friends are for right?

So, uhmm....he didn't get the girl.
The girl had someone else.
He said his heart broke,
I was there for him too.

The point is (saja mau cut crita ni), I didn't know I had "feelings" for him until lately.
Notice the word HAD.
Past tense.


I seriously don't know what this thing called L.O.V.E is.
All I know is that it's what makes people go crazy sometimes.


Dapat ku bayangkan makcik2 bagi lecture tentang cinta ni.

(Re-enactment through words)

Note that this conversation was in alien language. Humans like U guys would not understand. So I took the liberty in translating it to Human Language. I know, I'm AWESOME.

Scene: Dua EKOR makcik di pasar bercerita. Tiba2 ternampak sorang laki dan pompuan bermesra.

Makcik 1: Uit! Yang Piuk! (this means mak Piuk) Tinguk tu!! Ui naa~ Laki tu bah. Pigang sana pigang sini! Belum kahwin lagi uda gete'2. Ish3.. Ko tengok lah. Nda lama lagi tu pompuan tu bunting tu kalau macam tu. (Ya, memang kolot punya pemikiran)

Yang Piuk: Astaga lajiiim! Punya lah! Budak2 sekarang bah.. Nda tau malu ni!! Ish3... Nasib baik anak aku nda macam tu. Dorang ni sekarang nda tau malu uda bah. Pasang sini, pasang situ. Macam game pula dorang buat. Ish3... Macam lah kunun dorang mau cari Suami atau Isteri yang bagus gini?? Ish3... (geleng2 kepala)

Makcik 1: Tu lah! Zaman kita dulu lagi romantik kan? Lagi istimewa... Sekarang senang jak. Kalau mau kapel2 eh, main sms2 lah, guna internet lah. Moden uda.. Anak laki aku satu urang di rumah tu banyak kali minta duit mau kol girlpren dia. Bagus kalau dia yang kuar duit! Ni aku!

Makcik 2: (Makcik dari gerai sebelah yang kuat menyebok) Jadi kamu dulu macammna kamu kahwin??

Makcik 1: Kami dulu best. Guna surat cinta, malu malu lagi. Kalau mau kahwin, pinang jak terus!

Yang Piuk: Aku masih simpan lagi surat2 cinta dia bagi. Hahaha~ Masalahnya aku lupa uda mana aku letak....

OK, aku malas mau taip panjang2. Biarlah sampai sini jak aku tulis. Kemalasan ku memang sangat menguasai aku sekarang. Kalau mau sambungan, ko pegi jak tempat aku. Senang!

Ok, what was our topic just now?

O yea. L.O.V.E.

Yup, everyone wants them.
Everyone wants to grab hold of it.
Everyone wants to feel it.


Not excluding me.

But I know that that time will come for all of us.
It will come for us.

(macam menyeramkan pula line last tadi tu...)

Just wait for it.
If we are patient enough,
the L word would come, without us even finding it.

O, this is for girls lah.
Not for guys.


Ok2.. I seriously think if I keep on writing I'll be writing nonsense.

Exhibit A : The makcik's conversation.

But seriously, that's how the makcik I know talks.
Creepy....for the terasa ones..


Look!! Up in the sky!! A FLYING ICE CREAM!! YEAY~!!

Cat: Huh?? Where??