Sunday, January 17, 2010


Can't deny that women are taking their places higher than their male counterparts. Who dare to say that most women are still a stay at home mother of six, managing the house while loyally stood beside her husband, watching him do his work? I'd say, SOME are still like that, but there are millions of women out there finally being the leaders in their life and being on top of everything!
For example.....them!

Even Malaysian women are not just the typical housewife anymore, they are women with careers; careers with even higher paying salaries than mens. Not trying to discriminate any race here, but women are ROCKING this world! Even the mens in Thailand are paying countless money to switch to a SHE!!!

However, more women in this world, meaning it is closer to the end of this world.. hmm...

Well, back to my point, although most women are sophisticated these days, but sometimes.....they do the darnest things!

One example is from Thailand..
I watched a TV program yesterday with dear mumsy, and i was shocked! Down to my knees! LITERALLY!
It's about a mother who sold her own daughter to pay her debts, and also so that she can find a new husband! Wow....Sucky mother that one...

Here's the site for another mother story in north america.

But that's not the only one,
We don't have to look far to find evil mothers, right here in Malaysia, ther are lots of evil mothers. These mothers hide evidence of their unwanted babies(A.K.A child out of wedlock), by killing them! Whether or not they didn't mean to kill them, but still, face the truth ladies, whad'ya think would happen? it...

Hmm... So, whose at blame here?
Women, or the requirements for women to live in our modern world?

One thing I know for sure is that, we live our life to the fullest, but still abide to rules of humanity.

Sorry for the boring entry!
Just expressing what i feel...

Till Then!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Freedom is a broad subject..
But i guess everybody needs freedom..

In our case, freedom is something we call "time of release".. The time we we feel no pressure, no responsibilities, no NOTHING! Just me, myself and I.
However in some country, freedom is something what they have fighting for all their lives. Freedom is not something that comes easy.

For example, in Palestine..

They have been fighting for their lives, dignity, religion, for their land and also for their FREEDOM.
And guess what? They've been fighting since 1948!
Israel took over, then blablabla.... U can read about how it all started here..

And here is fun site..hehehe

There's this interesting site on the comparison between teenagers in Malaysia and Palestine.
It's about how we are SOO different than them and what we deal with everyday is nothing compared with what they dealt with everyday.

To find out more, go here..

My point is...everybody is lost, not knowing what their purpose in life is. You'd say we fight everyday to put food on the plate, to find more money and such.
But seriously people, the only question is, what are we fighting for, and why?

Till then!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Choral Speaking Night

These are the pictures taken by a dear friend using her phone..
Well, actually she asked someone else to take these photos...
She wouldn't wanna miss out a chance to be in the pictures herself...


Silly Moments...!

The Whole Crew.... So 'MANY' boys..




Yea yea..

Finally made it home,
Well, not actually home yet....
I'm at GAYANG....
Waiting to be "delivered" back home to Kota Belud.

Mid Sem Test was not easy, and was hardly THAT hard..

Hope i did better than last semester..

I haven't posted anything in a loooong time...

Oh yea, after Mid Sem Test, the next day was choral speaking competition,
even though we were forced to enter,
but we really had a good time that night,
we didn't care the slightest bit whether or not we win or not,
just as long as we enjoyed ourselves.

I kept saying to our team members that we should just go out there,
and get it over with.


Eventhough hardly anyone heard my solo,
i guess we did better than our last practice, which was a few hours before.
The FIRST and LAST practice.


Kay, gotta enjoy my day here while i still have the time.

soo windy a today...

Till Then!