Monday, July 26, 2010

Tell me WHY??!!

A few things I'd like to say out loud here..

Do we have to be separated based on our race? Malay? Indian? Chinese?

Is there no "LAIN-LAIN" group in the race section?

Do people think that SABAHANS live on trees and water??

Do people think that just because I'm wearing Hijjab, I'm MALAY??

When I'm always stay close to my sabahans friends, people say I'm racist?

Do some people don't want to be in the same room as SABAHANS and SARAWAKIANS?

When people hear I'm from Kota Belud, they'd ask "Byk belut x tmpt kmu??"

Can't I understand the way things go around here? I mean, back at Sabah, all race mixes together well. U won't even recognize the Chinese from the "LAIN-LAIN", and from Indians. Well, uhm... we can recognize the Indians well. What I'm trying to say is, we speak 1 language, and everyone understands! Here?

Do people think that we can't understand what they are talking about?
Yea people, some of us Sabahans and Sarawakians can speak Chinese and perhaps even some, Urdu, Tamil or such. Don't talk bad about us behind our backs...We know..........

Am I always falling asleep during lectures?

Am I always the biggest in my group of friends?

Am I getting lazier each and every day?

Can't I open my mouth when talking to people I know little about?

Am I still getting lost in the campus? (hehe)

Am I asking you guys these?

The heck am I telling this here when everyone can read my every single thoughts?? Even those people I don't know?

U wanna know why???
Hehe.... It's cause I'm bored. Lalalalalala...

Even with all that, I'm glad I met some new cool friends!!
Especially to these guys!!

Alah....I forgot to put 1 more of my besties here... NurHidayah... Len kali lah ya... hahaha... I so lazy edit picture. me wanna sleep od. lalala..

So, whatever the answers are to my questions up there, all I know is, this picture says it all.

**credits to Nurhidayah for taking this awesome picture! And for Kartini for drawing it! And not forgetting the owner of the camera. Mei Lee is it? I forgot lorh...

Ok, having tons of fun here at USM!! Till then!

Pasar Siti Khadijah

Last Friday, we were bored, so we decided to explore the infamous Pasar Siti Khadijah.

We took a taxi there which costs us about RM12, then we had to walk there. At first, we were lost, however thanks to my friend who had the guts to ask a PURE kecek kelate person, we made it there!!

It was big! And the prices (for the batik n so on) were Oh So Amazing!

I wanted to buy the Batiks for my dad, some fabrics for my mom and so on!
But I only brought along with me RM50, and my original purpose there was to buy tudung. Doesn't matter!! I'm waiting for my scholarship to come, then I'll buy some to bring back home. heheh... Come JPA, come JPA! 빨리 와요!

Here is the view from upstairs. The raw food section. LOL.

We managed to get a few pictures of us in the scene. Hu!

However these are the only pictures we got from inside Pasar Siti Khadijah, it was because my friend's 2MP camera phone were the only camera we got.. Because of the low quality camera and the insufficient time we had there, we managed a few only. Don't worry!! I'll go there again next time!! And next time, I'll bring a digital camera with me!!! Hu!!!

Ok... Till then!!!

More from the CAMP!!!!


More pictures from the Kem Pimpin Siswa at Kem Jeram Mengaji is out!!! Hehe....
Just a few lah..... I didn't managed to copy all... Hahaha... so I just put this 1 picture when we went hiking in the jungle during midday.

The rest....well... there was barely good enough picture of me.. hu... I guess I'm not that photogenic. Hahaha... Ah... good times..GOOD times...

Monday, July 12, 2010

A New Start in USM


Huh... Lots of lectures..
They gave us a lot of information about what we'll be facing here and all, but...
I fell asleep half the time someone was holding a mic on d stage.
The only time i didn't close my eyes was the night there was free food on the table!*drools*

Okay, let me start all the blabber bout the orientation.
Huh, OK.
The first day, 3rd of July 2010.

Arrived at USM Health Campus at 9am or so.
My first impression???

Then reaching the hostel room...

Then the orientation..
YEAY!! WOAW!! HUH....UHM........

That's all I can say... I'm pretty much speechless during the whole first week I was here. LOL

But the only thing that I remembered well, beside all the taklimat we had in that orientation. was the Dinner with Vice Chancellor. FOOD!
A few of us volunteered doing some performance. My roommate in dancing, some MC-ing, Dikir Barat-ing, while I volunteered in ACTING.
It was D**N FUN!!!!!

I played a small part only, a tomboy.
But it was worth my time.
I only got a few pics from that day/night.

The two guys playing the pondans...

These are the crews! No malays boys or even Indian. waddehel? Haha... Nvr mind, althoug most of them are chinese, I understand what they are all plnaning and talking bout anyways, so no biggie. I met many interesting people.

Haha... I made the pics extra small cause...uhm....well I dunno if the other members would like their face on any blog. Some of these people don't even have a facebook, so...I'd better respect that... Hahaha..

Then, after the orientation, our group wen camping in Kem Jeram Mengaji, Pasir Puteh, Kelantan.
It was a BEAUTIFUL PLACE..for me...

The river...

The people playing in it...

My friends...

So, to sum up that tiring week, it was fun...and tiring!

After the camp, the next day was class.

Ok, there wasn't much for us to do during the first week of class. Again, as usual, i fell asleep during those lectures. The only time I didn't fell asleep on was when Prof. Madya Dr. Faridah was lecturing. She's an interesting and inspiring fella. Huh... She achieved sooo much yet she never portrays it like some people would.

Oh yea!! I didn't fell asleep also when I volunteered...again..for a role play. I'm currently volunteering for two role plays. And the first meeting is about to start in a few hours from now. Gotta prepare my lines. Heh...

Till Then!!