Wednesday, January 26, 2011

9 Years

9 years doesn't seem so bad...

What 9 years?

What am I talking about?

5 years of studying (hopefully!),
4 years of being HO and MO.

Which then equals to 9 sucky years.

But I think it's all gonna be worth it.

9 years huh..

Oh well~

Better this than not doing anything at all right?


p/s: Today's hospital attachment wasn't that much fun as I thought it would be.. Huhu

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just 53 Hours Left

Hoho.. 53 hours left till I meet my family back at Sabah.

I missed them?

Is it?

I don't know.

Maybe la kot.

What makes me excited to want to go home?

1. Jumpa parents.
Mak ayahku dah menunggu anak kesayangan diorang (ehem2....aku lah tu..) sampai ke rumah dengan selamat dan "sihat" walafiat.

2. Jumpa ngan adik2 pompuan aku yang x sabar mau kosongkan dompet aku...

Haish...Adik2 ku sekalian, ni duit kerajaan, bukan duit aku.....

3. Adik aku Beb nak minta ajar dalam banyak benda. Biasa lah kan, baru je menjejak masuk alam SPM. (She's in Form 4 now. Still got lots to learn...)

Hu~ Gotta get my Teaching Mask ready for that...

4. My dog.

No, scratch that. OUR dog. My family dog. KOPITIAM! Hua3~

My mom said she (or is it a he?) is getting fatter. Thanks to my dad's undivided love to only Kopitiam and another favourite of his, a cat which I forgot its name. Haha~! Yang dua ekor tu je ayah aku suka bagi makan, yang lain.....hampeh~

5. MANGO!!!!! HUA3!!

6. Friends Reunion! Jumpa ngan beberapa kawan. Hmm.....But still not sure whether it'll happen or not. Got my fingers crossed!

7. Last but not least, just the feeling of home. That's all I need now. Hoho~

Ehem3. I also want to play the PS2... Hua3!


Ok lah ok lah..
Back to reality Zen.

Siapkan SGD!!
Siapa suruh tertidur atas meja semalam!!!!!


Lupa lak.

Pics credit to Google Images.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Let's Laugh For A While


Hasil Artist dari South Korea.
Yang Young Soon.


*Pics credit to Google Images*

One Busy Week

Almost every night I got meetings.
And then almost every night my plan to study would fail.


So, another week passes by.
Another week closer to Selenjar 3.

Hope I'm ready for it this time.
No more dilly-dallying anymore Zen!

It's almost to late to get back up now,
but U can do it!!!

Rintihan hati yang tak kedengaran..
Sebaliknya....yang selalu ku ikuti...

Ala Zen,
Still got time ma~!
Eat ice cream.
Eat ice cream!

In case U fail this one,
Still got Pro ma!
No worries!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . .
. . . .
. . .

I think I should pick one side to listen now...


I kinda like the Ice cream part though....

4 days without ice cream now...
And I'm doing good!

Better go get one now....

O ya...Malam ni Malam Kebudayaan India.

I'm saving my voice for later.
Tadi sudah penat berteriak menyokong Angah dan Pija debat.
Malam ni untuk kawan-kawan yang perform lak.


I can feel those times where I lost my voice is coming back again..
Dahlah tekak pun sakit sekarang..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Tragic Story of Teddy and His Friends

Once upon a time,
a few years ago,
A little girl from a small town was about to have her 13th birthday.
Her name was Annie.

She had a beautiful and loving family,
but she felt that it would not be complete without her sister.
Her beloved sister was away at a faraway land,
And could not attend her birthday party.
She was sad.

On the day of her birthday,
Annie received a package.

A big one.

She looked at the sender's address,
and was excited to know that it came from her sister!

She opened it vigorously,
and found out that the content was a cute brown teddy bear.

She hugged it instantly,
And was really happy!

She thought that she was at the age where teddies would seem to be immature,
but she didn't care.
It was cute,
It's a gift,
And it's for her!

She couldn't care less!

She named the teddy bear, Teddy.

*ketawa terbahak2 dalam hati kejap....*

She brought it to sleep with her every night,
until to the point where she couldn't sleep without it.

She loved it so much as it was her first teddy bear.
She promised Teddy that she would never leave him.
And that she will always love him more than anything.

One day,
Momma Annie was cleaning up Annie's room.

While she was cleaning,
she came across a foul smell.

She looked around,
and found out that it came from Teddy.

"This thing got to go and get a bath. It STINKS!!" She exclaimed in disgust.

She immediately took Teddy to the washing machine, and put it in.
Washed, Spinned, Rinsed, Dried.

Then Momma Annie put it back on Annie's bed,
and pretended as if nothing happened.

After Annie came back from school that evening,
She ran to her bedroom.
Hugged her teddy bear usual,
but noticed something was odd.
She sniffed, and sniffed, and sniffed.

She made a face...

"Teddy? Is this U? U....smell.........NICE~!"

And then Momma Annie came in,
trying to show Annie that she did a good job.
To look at her happy face that Teddy no longer smells.

But, to her surprise,
Annie was far from happy.
She was crying.

"Momma!!! Teddy smells nice!!!!!!!" Sobbed Annie.

"Yes, why? Is it a bad thing?" Momma Annie replied, confused.


And that was the end of Teddy's life with Annie.
She kept him in her wardrobe,
and Teddy has not seen light since....

Then, for Annie's 14th birthday,
Momma Annie gave her another plush toy.
A Mashimaro toy.
A BIG one.

Really big.

She named it, MASHIMARO.


She loved it so.
However it was too big that she could not bring it to sleep.
Instead, she only put it in her room.

One day,
her family made a party at her house,
celebrating her sister's return.
She wanted to show her sister of her enormous Mashimaro.

She brought her Mashimaro outside,
and left it at the living room.
And then she went in search of her beloved sister.

After searching high and low,
no luck.
Her sister was too busy for her.
So she came back to her Mashimaro to put it back in her room.

When she got to Mashimaro,

A group of 3-6 year olds were riding on it like it was some kind of horse.
Some kids were biting it, and some were pulling on its ears.
She wanted to KILL ALL OF THE KIDS,
but since there were too many witness,
she approach the kids gently,
and told them off with no luck.

She smiled,
and then she whispered something to their ears one by one.
And after she was finished with one,
That kid would run as fast as he/she can,
and some would even cry.

The point is,
they all left.
Leaving the injured, torn up Mashimaro behind.

Annie broken heartedly took it to her room.
And left it in her wardrobe,
next to her long time friend, Teddy.

That was the last night Mashimaro was a toy.

The next day,
Annie came back home from school to find out that Momma Annie has made new pillows.

They were soft!
And comfortable!

Momma Annie gave one pillow to her,
and kept the biggest pillow all to herself.

"Momma, where did you get all the materials for these soft pillows?" asked curious Annie.

"Well, where else? Mashimaro of course!" Momma answered without any hint of guilt.

And that was how Annie found out that she will never see Mashimaro again....

A few years later,
When Annie was 19,
She received another Teddy Bear.

She named it,


How long will this friendship last??????

HAHAHA let's wait and see....


Acclamation: This story is only half true. Some of it were made up, while some of it are real. Which one is real? Which one is fake? Well, the beloved sister part was just made up. She's not that beloved... Hahaha sorry Jared!!! Miahahaha~

O ya, I kinda suck at writing,
so faham2 je lah....
Ni karangan budak2.

*Pic credit to Google Images*

A Gift For Me

I received a package today.

It was medium sized.

I smiled thinking of what was inside.

Making wild guesses.

I like gifts.
Especially if they were meant for me.
Coz it's free!


Back to the package.
It was out of shape.
Well, didn't looked like a box...
I just thought that it hadn't been handled that well during it's shipping here.

I found out that it was only bad wrapping....
No offense! Hik3!


Aku sengaja x amik gmbar full...Takut nanti ada yang termuntah tengok rupa sebenar package ni..... =.=''

Who is the sender?
Hahaha x boleh bagitau.....Nanti dia jadi mangsa pembaca2 aku.. (As IF!)
All U guys have to know is,
My friend is from my home.

I waited a few hours before I opened it.

I was careful when opening it (which is totally unlike me) .
I opened the first bad wrapping,
Brown paper.
I cut it with a scissor.
My friend who sent it to me told me to open it carefully.
So I did..

And then,
after the first layer was removed,
there was another layer.

Another cute bear thingy obstacle keeping me from my gift.


After I opened that one,
It revealed a cute box.

Siap ada reben2 lagi tu.

But I was right..
It was ruined...
A little torn up..
But that didn't matter,
I only wanted the inside.

I opened it,
and I was shocked.


I'll just tell U guys a little of what was inside.
Some of it better left unknown....



There's the box, A card, And A Graduation Teddy.
Ada lagi benda lain, but, it's safer if U guys don't know about it.

P/s: Sorry for the low quality picture and the low quality photo taking..
Maklumlah....henpon gue x canggih....

last but not least.
Oleh kerana aku dah lama x buat entri lucu2,
Let this picture give U guys the last laugh......

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Is In The Name

Ada gak kawan2 aku yang tegur aku dulu.
Apasal x panggil kakak aku tu dengan gelaran "Kak",
instead I call her Jarah.
Sometimes Jared.
Sometimes Jard.

And why I don't call my brother's "Abang",
instead I call them with their names.
Jas and Juri.

I'm not used to it.

Ever since I was little,
I would always call them with their names.

I did try to call them "Kak" or "Abang" once,
but it got weird so I stopped.

Only when I try to be annoying then I'd call them like that.

Aku teringat pla gelaran mak ayah aku..
My mom and dad each has a different nicknames for each other.
I never noticed it before,
but now I think it's cute.

What are their nicknames for eachother?

not the Sayang2 names.
Nope, not those.
Those are waaaay to cheesy for my parents..
I never heard those words coming out of any of them before.
If it did,
my brain wouldn't accept it.
It's just to creepy for my taking.


My mom calls my dad,


or sometimes,



Hehehe.... Agak rockers sedikit di situ......

My dad pla panggil mak aku,



Hmm......rasanya itu je...

Lama dah x balik rumah,
x ingat sangat..


Rsanya kalau aku kahwin pun,
IF I get married lah,

I would call him...
any type of food lah...
Icecream ka....
Ugh.....lama dah x makan aiskrim.......
27 hours since my last icecream....
Gotta get one tomorrow!!!

terpesong lagi!

Boyot ka....
Toyol ka..............

Tengoklah mood nanti macammana.


O ya....

Some of my friends also gave me some nicknames.....

but the one that I really hated AT FIRST but later got used to it was,


Which means Grandma.

I'm not old lah...
My friend and I are of the same age,
But she said she calls me that because I tend to be forgetful at times.

True true...

She said I'm close to being NYANYUK sometimes.

Darn her....



Monday, January 3, 2011


Animal - Neon Trees

Here we go again
I kinda wanna be more than friends
So take it easy on me
I'm afraid
You're never satisfied
Here we go again
We're sick like animals
We play pretend
You're just
A cannibal
And I'm afraid
I won't get out alive
I won't sleep tonight

Oh oh
I want some
Oh oh
What are you waiting for
Take a bite of
My heart tonight
Oh oh
I want some
Oh oh
What are you waiting for
What are you waiting for
Say goodbye to my heart

Here we are again
I feel the chemicals kickin' in
It's getting heavy
And I wanna run
And hide
I wanna run and hide
I do it every time
You're killin' me now
And I won't be
Denied by you
The animal inside of you

Oh oh
I want some more
Oh oh
What are you waiting for
Take a bite of my heart tonight
Oh oh
I want some more
Oh oh
What are you waiting for
What are you waiting for
Say goodbye to my heart tonight

Hush, hush The world is quiet
Hush, hush We both can't fight it
It's us that made this mess
Why can't you understand?
Whoa, I won't sleep tonight

Here we go again [3x]

Oh oh
I want some more
Oh oh
What are you waiting for
Take a bite of my heart tonight
Oh oh
I want some more
Oh oh
What are you waiting for
What are you waiting for
What are you waiting

Here we go again [3x]
Say goodbye to my heart tonight

Oh oh
I want some more
Oh oh
What are you waiting for
Take a bite of my heart tonight
Oh oh
I want some more
Oh oh
What are you waiting for
What are you waiting for
Say goodbye to my heart tonight


Sunday, January 2, 2011


I keep on falling so deep..

So deep I almost forgot myself..

I don't know what to do,

My heart is taking over.

Blahblahblahblah ya lah tu...

Dah xda kerja lain kan...

Last night, I had fun.

Almost 2 hours phone call.

Although my ears felt warm after that (up until the point it's almost burning),

I was very happy.

Can't wait to go home and meet my family!

And to eat my mango...


Study pun macam xda...

Ada lah, tapi......hmm.......I think it's gone forever now.
What I read that is..

My God here I am blabbering again.

What happened today?

1. Last night slept at 3.30am. Eca spent the night in my room....or rather she stayed up in my room. Conquering my laptop.

2. Woke up for Subuh prayers and to bid farewell to Eca. (Yeay! Finally she's gone.....for the day...)

3. Slept back.

4. Woke up. Played laptop. Learned a new song. Sang. Got cheered on by the workers downstairs. Stopped singing.

5. Didn't eat my breakfast. The first thing that got into my system today was an icecream. I ate it at 1pm. Hohoho~

6. Cooking with my Manuk Family. Ate Spaghetti. Sedap. Thanks to the cook, Papa Manuk.

7. Was darn full. But Papa Manuk won't stop cooking. He continued cooking chicken breast to make sandwiches. Well, he prepared the chicken, but he didn't fry it. Mama did. Hahaha.. Takut muka hensem dia tu konon kena minyak. Ceh~

8. Slept at Surau.

9. Went back here to my room after that.

10. Checked my email. Replied some.

11. Changed my Blogger Template sempena Tahun Baru. Haha

12. Start blabbering in my blog.

13. Is yet to be determined peeps....!


Esok kuliah.......Hu~

Now, waiting waiting waiting................


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

2011 is here!
Today is 1.01.11.
They're just numbers though.

And I'm going to turn 20 this year!!
I suddenly feel very, VERY old...

They're just numbers Zen...


as usual.
People usually relate to hopes when it comes to new years.
Yesterday, my friend asked me what are my hopes for this year.

I didn't know what to answer.
I haven't really think about it.
So last night,
I slept at 4am.
Smbil2 tu meluah perasaan di blog yang lagi 1.

So, i found only a few.

1. I wanna be a better person.
2. I wanna be rich. (This is not gonna happen.......................this year lah I mean.)
3. Get my driving license!
4. Get my passport done!
5. Pass my Final Exam, and proceed to second year.
6. Blahblahblah.

Hmm...I don't know what to hope anymore.
What happen will happen.
I don't think I care anymore.

Life is full of surprises right?

Just enjoy it.