Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm My Momma's Daughter and My Father's Girl

I didn't go to work.
I stayed at home helping around the house.

I helped clean and move stuff while Mom and Dad was busy...somewhere....I don't know~ On a DATE maybe?
And my brother was at his shop.
Both my little sisters were at school.
So I was alone.
Completely alone.
With just my kittens to play with.

I got a bit crazy.

Put on some K-POP and danced the Chicken Dance many MANY times..

While cleaning the house of course.
*wink wink*

Suddenly someone opened the front door.
I froze.

Mom: What were U doing?

Thank goodness it was only mom.. Fiuh~

I continued doing my uhm chores with less dancing.
I was sweating since it was awesome-ly hot today.

After a while,
Mom came with cempedak in her hand.

Mom: Nah, try and taste our Cempedak. Homegrown baybee~! (Of course mom didn't say baybee, it was there to make it more KEWL~ Hehehe) 
Me: Hands dirty Mom.

Then mom kindly put it in my mouth. Hehe..


Then she smiled and left.

5 minutes later she came back with another cempedak.
And fed it straight to my mouth.


It's been a long time since my mom suap me.

*sob sob*

Not long after that, 
dad called.

Dad: Hen!! Pegi amik mangga tu di pokok! Ambik satu jak. (Yess, dia speaking malay. Mom speaking Inggeris. My family. So what? :P)
Me: Yessir!!

So, I went to the back of the house, climb the tall Mango tree, sweated and ignored all the Fire Ants just to get one unripe Mango.


Ok2, I didn't climb the tree.
The tree was a midget.
All I did was fight the Fire Ants. 
True story.

Me: Nah Dad.

My Dad peeled the Mango.
Cut it into little pieces.
And gave it to me.

Dad: Nah makan lah. Aku tau ko suka makan mangga nda masak.


Di manja kan Mommy dan Daddy di siang hari.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I Summon U Creative Zen!

No, I'm not talking bout this.

I'm talking about myself.
Gotta unleash my inner creativity.
I got things to decorate.
Bakul-bakul hantaran.

For my brother's engagement that is.
I lack a bit of C-R-E-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y. 
If people tell me to decorate a card.
I'd just simply put a ribbon, mix some coloured papers and Voila!
A card.



The worst birthday card I've made was made entirely from newspaper.

U guys must've think 'Wow Zen U made cards out of newspaper! How creative U r!"


I just cut a rectangle from a newspaper.
Fold it in half.
Paste in some pictures I cut from newspaper also,
Get some white paper.
Stick in the inside of the card.
The on the cover put a red ribbon.
Put some glitter.
Colour some of it.
Paste some stuffs.

And whatever I can find to make it not..UGLY.
But it became worse.

Enough said on the FAIL birthday card.

What was I talking bout again?

Oh yea.

I think this is a bit easy lah.
My mom is also in it.
And together, we'd make the worst best hantaran ever!!!!

*mimpi mimpi mimpi*

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Aku Suka lah Abang tu! I salute U!!

This post in not to make U jeles/angry/meluat/menyampah/dengki/terhina/lapar/mengantuk. This post is just a little piece of my mind right now. Miahaha~ 

Tadi kan, tadi kan, (excited)
there's this abang who wanted to use the printer.

At first he seemed just like any other customer we have around here.

But there are a few things that made me happy, that made him one of the most (I hope) remembered customer we had since we opened last month. (other than the guy who always comes here everyday. ^^)

Those are:

1. He said 'Assalamualaikum' and smiled before entering. 

2. He kept talking to me to lift the mood up.. (I was really silent the whole time.. Talking to myself in my head....)

3. He was polite. (yeay!)

4. I felt bad that the total of the things he printed out was RM41. I wanted to give him discount RM1, but he insisted on paying. 

4. Upon leaving, before closing the door behind him, he turned back, smiled and said "Assalamualaikum Dik."


Really lifts my mood up for today!!


I wish there were more people like that here.

*eyes flashing*

Oh well! 
Back to Disney Movies!!!

Next on the list,
The Little Mermaid.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just Got Back From Jakarta

Ok fine.

I'm just kidding.

But yesterday's trip to the city made me feel like I'm in Jakarta.

Figuratively speaking of course.

Since sometimes I can't seem to understand what they are talking about.
What dialect they're using.

Gosh was I in Kelantan too long?


I'm used to hearing people talk Semenanjung style of Malay,

U know,

Mak Cik A: Mak Beda! Dah lame tak jumpe! *hugs and kisses 
Mak Cik Beda: *hugs back* Eh Mak A! Amboi~ "Sehat" nampak? Mesti U gune HerbaLife ni kan? 
Mak Cik A: Ye lah. Nak kelihatan cantik menawan dan anggun untuk suami tercinta. Eh, mane suami? Asal tak bawa bersame? 
Mak Cik Beda: Kitorang dah break lama dah. Dah cerai. Dier nak kahwin lagi, tapi I tak bagi. So dier ceraikan I untuk kahwin lain.  Maklumlah, I pun isteri ke-empat dier. Kalau nak kahwin lagi, mesti ceraikan sorang lagi kan? 
Mak Cik A: Oh, no wonder U nampak...uhm...tak terurus sikit.. heh 
Mak Cik Beda: Tak nak amik buang mase nak bersolek lagi, I kan dah tua. Tak macam U. Muda, anggun blahblahblahblahblah. 

Like those.

Kalau Sabah punya, 

Mak Cik A: Ui naaa Yang Beda! Lama betul uda nda jumpa tau! *hands over kapur, sirih, and pinang 
Mak Cik Beda: *Makan* A'ah. Ui naaa. Slim betul sudah ko ni! Ko guna tu kah? Yang anu tu... Herba-herba tu?  
Mak Cik A: HerbaLife bah. A'ah. Mau jugak bah aku berlawa-lawa untuk laki aku. Sekali skala bah. O ya, mana laki ko? Pergi kedai kupi lagi? 
Mak Cik Beda: Ah dia tu. Aku bukan ngan dia lagi. Cerai sudah. Mau poligami lagi. Dasar laki miang betul. Nda cukup 4, mau tambah lagi satu! Nda aku tahan tau! Kin panas tul! 
Mak Cik A: Oh... Patutpun kau ni macam... ntah...nda terurus sikit ni.. Ada lah sedikit berisi ni. 
Mak Cik Beda: Ah biarlah. Aku bukan macam kau, ada duit pegi buang masa beli herba-herba tu. Aku natural beauty bah.

(It's a little bit over-the-edge, and for the Semenanjung ones, not that good at it either. hahaha)

But the ones I heard..

I can't find the words to spell it..


I guess I need to get out more........

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Four Letter Word We All Know About ;)


We all need it.

I admit it.

Nobody in the world should live without it.

Everybody needs to at least once in their frickin miserable life to at least taste it.

Feel it.


Unless of course Ur allergic to it lah.


I know I'm a bit obsessed to the four letter word myself.

I find myself longing for it everyday, every hour, every minute.

Every second.

Believe me when I say that no one can have enough four letter word..

Well, at least I never get enough.

I'd always want more.
That's how greedy it can make people sometimes.

I can't live without it.

Can't go on each day without having a glass of MILK.

As I said in earlier posts,
I'm a Milk-a-holic.



Did U guys think I was talking about something else?

Gosh guys,

MILK is the most known four-letter-word in the world.


Tu pun taktau..


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kalau Aku Lelaki

1. Aku yakin aku paling hensem... Alah sebagai perempuan pun aku memang paling hensem. Bak kata pepatah bapa aku. 

*Flashback suatu masa dahulu*
Aku tengah duduk dengan cara paling macho sekali menengok tv sambil tertidur. 

Bapa: Hen! Cuba dulu ko menyamar jadi lelaki, jalan-jalan di KK (Kota Kinabalu), mesti banyak perempuan kejar tu! Baru lah macam anak dadi! Hensem! 


2. Aku yakin aku ada 6 packs......tersembunyi somewhere di lapisan lemak-lemak aku...

3. Aku yakin aku paling gentlemen. Sebab aku memahami hati seorang wanita. Miahaha~

4. Aku yakin aku akan jadi jejaka paling di kejar-kejar wanita-wanita yang kesunyian... =p

5. Aku yakin aku akan jadi boypren/tunang/suami yang terbaik......................dalam menghabiskan makanan.

6. Aku yakin aku akan berjaya.......................menjadi penari poco-poco paling mantap.

7. Aku yakin aku akan menjadi seorang lelaki yang amat bergaya..........................sangat-sangat bergaya. 

8. Aku yakin aku akan suka minum susu. Milk-a-holic. Low fat preferably.

9. Aku yakin aku dapat jalan-jalan seorang diri tak kira waktu dan tempat tanpa merisaukan famili. Perempuan susah! Bahaya! Selalu kan dengar kes-kes tak patut tu berlaku kat kaum hawa. Tapi tak pernah lak dengar lelaki dirogol perempuan............ ==''''

10. Aku yakin aku boleh main game tanpa jemu....and continuously win. 

11. Aku yakin aku bijak pandai pintar. 

12. Aku yakin rupa aku nanti macam ni. 

*Picture is from Google Images.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Who I Wanted To Be

Ingat lagi ka time kecik-kecik kiut-miut montel-dontel seksi-meksi sot-sot inesen-inesen dulu?

Mesti ramai orang-orang besar dewasa tanya kita kan "besar nanti mau jadi apa?"

Aku ingat lagi cita-cita aku dulu waktu kecil.

Mau jadi doktor haiwan.

Because I love animals.

Tapi abang-abang aku takutkan aku,
kena pegang BABI lah, ANJING lah.
Anjing aku no hal, sebab anjing-anjing KIUT.

Aww~ Kiut! Kiut! Kiut! Argh~ Argh~ Yaw! Yaw!

BABI tu yang aku tak mau pegang. 

Takut haram punya pasal .
(Tapi anjing mau betul pula pegang... cett~)

Tapi babi pun kiut apa? Alololo~~

So, aku tukar cita-cita.
Mau jadi doktor.
Boleh bedah-bedah orang.
"A reason to cut people open" is what I always said to my friends...


Tu sebenarnya kaver jak..
Aku ni sebenarnya berhati mulia. *mode bangga dan memuji diri*

Mau jadi superhero macam Powerpuff Girls.
Cuma aku takda superpower....
Dan aku bukan KECIK.

*sob sob* 


Bila bagitau orang aku mau jadi doktor,
semua puji lah.
"Wah, bagus anak ko ni Bos, nanti boleh jadi kaya jadi doktor!"

Ok ladies and gentlemen. 
Aku mengaku aku dibiasakan jadi CHEAPSKATE dari kecik.
Dibiasakan jadi TAMAK dari kecik.
Bukan apa, kalau tamak tu kan cepat kaya sebab jarang kuar duit.
Kan kan kan? 


Terpesong lagi.

Aku sebenarnya mau tulis lain,
yang kuar lain pula!
CHEESE AND WHISKERS! *my kinda curse*

Ok, aku tukar cita-cita aku.
Sebab abang-abang aku (ya my brothers again...) cakap kalau mau jadi doktor, mesti straight A student.
Aku bukannya budak pandai.
Tak pernah dapat straight A.
Tapi sudah rezeki aku dapat USM kan?

*mode bersyukur teramat sangat*

So aku tukar mau jadi cikgu.
Muka aku jadi cikgu!
Ajar adik pun tak pass!
Pastu explain pun tak pandai!

So, aku tukar balik cita-cita.
Mau jadi cashier di kedai Gui. (kedai Gui supermarket terkenal di Kota Belud. lalala~~)

Ya, pemikiranku yang cetek dulu (sekarang pun masih cetek....huhu) membuatkan aku fikir ada sikit jak kerja di dunia ni.
Kalau bukan doktor, engineer.
Kalau bukan engineer, cikgu.
Selain dari tu, cashier dan surirumah jak.

Jadi surirumah pun aku FAIL.


apa tujuan aku bagitau kamu semua ni? 


Ok, aku tak mau cerita pasal cita-cita lagi.

To be honest, aku takda cita-cita dulu.
Just go with the flow.
Hehehe mau jadi doktor.
Sebab......matahari....apa yang paling disayangi? (Ini bermaksud aku tak mau bagitau apa sebab. Sekian)

Ok. Who I wanted to be.

Kalau aku perempuan, aku mau jadi dia.

Hana Tajima Simpson.
Memang cantik.

Aku sampai tua takkan jadi macam dia.
Sebab aku lagi kiut-miut seksi-meksi cantik-molek.
*mode tak mau terima kenyataan*

Kalau aku lelaki pula, aku mau jadi dia.

Brendon Urie from Panic At The Disco.
Wanna be like him.
No, scratch that. Can I marry him instead?

Kalau aku ehem...gay, aku mau jadi macam ni.

I don't mean JT is gay. I mean, if I was gay, I would wanna be him. Uhm.. Y?
No reason. Lalala~

Ok, aku mengaku aku merapu.

HAHA bukan aku memang suka merapu ka?

*pics from Google Images*