Saturday, May 15, 2010

Talking Baby!!!

At what age did we said our first word?
Mostly we'd just say "Gugu gaga" or simply "Da-Da" or "Ma-Ma"...
I would be amazed if a baby said "Lady Gaga" as their first word, but we better get real here...
My mom said my first word was at the age of 1 years old, and the award winning word is "Bu-Bu".
Wow...Bu-bu... Never did know what it means though..

What I'm trying to say is, during our younger days and I SERIOUSLY MEAN YOUNGER days, we could've said many other different words to express our feelings..
Let's see what these babies have to say..
And these videos are NOT MINE, i got them from youtube.

Credit to Noey18.

And another one,
Saying how they REALLY feel... Aww.....

Credit to 1PartyGirl.

And this....well she's just SOO DARN CUTE!!!

Credit to Noey18.

So guys, what were YOUR first word??

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cuteness OVERLOAD!!

There are a lot of things in this world that people say are cute..
Personally, I consider EVERYTHING is CUTE, even to the tiniest fly on cow poop, or to the largest Hippos in the world... they are cute... Well, most people like these kinds of CUTE.


But for me....the one thing that pretty much everyone, and I mean EVERYONE would agree on them being CUTE are.... TODDLERS!

But honestly, I like this kid the MOST!!


This kid actually became famous as he was the baby that SHINee took care of in HELLO BABY.

He also starred in a commercial recently..
O yea, he's 4... And he has just started talking....

So, there you have it!

hehe... Till then!

Gila Bola

I think this is going to be the first en3 in bM+bI.

hehe... Melayu bahasa Ibunda.

Bkn gila bola sepak, tp bola badminton. hik3...

Setiap mlm aku n kuargaku merajinkan diri meninguk Astro Arena Ch801...
Tidak memperdulikan rancangan lain yang dahulunya setia sgt ditonton...(ISK3....)

Bab hal berebut remote ni, bapa ja selalu menang, so, all the korean drama I'm currently watchin on KBS ch303 i have to let em go...So sad..

Cinderella Stepsister...

Becoming a Billionaire...

Scandal in Old Seoul..

Tapi kesedihan terlepas meninguk drama korea diganti pula ngn ke"riuh-rendah"an rumah bila MALAYSIA MENANG LAWAN DENMARK smlm!!

Tahniah Hafiz! Berjaya Bangkit semula setelah kalah di tgn Jepun Selasa lepas!
Tahniah!! Menjadi Hero Malaysia! Hehe..

Ni resultnya...I took it from Berita Harian Online..

Lee Chong Wei mn Peter Hoeg Gade 21-17, 21-17;
Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong mn Carsten Mogensen-Mathias Boe 21-17, 21-19;
Wong Choong Hann kk Jan O Jorgensen 20-22, 21-16, 18-21;
Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif-Hoon Thien How kk Lars Paaske-Jonas Rasmussen 26-24, 12-21, 19-21;
Muhd Hafiz Hashim mn Joachim Persson 21-12, 21-10.

Can't wait to watch Malaysia VS China mlm ni!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Ok.. As the title implies, I'm going to have an interview with USM this sunday, and I am nervous! HARDCORE NERVOUS!

I don't know what to do.

I hear people keep saying..BE YOURSELF.
But then, my parents said DO THE BEST.

Being myself will mean that I'm gonna go in there, and do whatever it is that pleases me.
I'd have no manners, and I'd SURELY give a BAD impression to them.

Do the best would mean I'd not be myself, I'd be the person my parents expect of me, and PRETEND that I know what's going on in that room, when I actually don't.

I'm LOST..


Friday, May 7, 2010

Kid's Essay... They Crack me up.

Words aren't necessary to explain these.. MY WORDs that is...
Ah...This can only be understood by pure SABAHANS.. Hehe..

These are not mine, I obtained these from my friend.


Anxiously waiting, the day has yet to come...

What will become of me?

How will my life start, as abruptly as it will end if I FAIL?? (over-dramatic much?)

How will the world accept THESE??

How will I.....SURVIVE???



It's been a long time..


There's no more internet at home, so it kinda made it harder for me to update my blog.

Ok... My topic today my family..

Everywhere i look, people are gettin ready to end their life as a single and available person. Even if they don't know about it yet.. But here, even at the youngest age of 14 is gettin married! haha...."Accident" la tu...
They want to spend the rest of their lives waking up beside the one they cherish the most.

Wonderful...marriage is...huh?

People in my family, my siblings, wanna get involved in a JOYOUS life with someone else. Hoho...
Haiyaa.... I'm not sure though im ready to accept someone else into our family. It's gonna be hard, but I'll try my best! After all....It's their lives too.

Ok.... Hmm...
Seriously, i dunno how to say this...
It feels like as though it's just yesterday that i'm waiting for my brother to come pick me up from school, and my sister to come back from UNIMAS and bring lots of KEK LAPIS.. It's kinda hard to believe how much we've grown OLDER...

I'm gonna be 20 nxt year n that's the eb=nd of my "-teen" age.. Goodbye to being nineTEEN! Goodbye eighTEEN! and soon, i'm gonna be planning my own wedding..

Wedding wedding wedding...

Hmm... Rather than I keep blab-erring about things I myself am not an expert of, better i just say an early wedding wish..

To those who r gettin married soon!

For the bride,
~Have lots of kids to prevent early MENOPAUSE! Form a FOOTBALL team while u're at it..

For the groom,
~Take care of u're bride, it's gonna be hard to do at first, but somehow guys managed to live thru their marriage without gettin a DEAF. Men are pretty good at these kinds of things... HEHE

Ok, my my feet is aching from the jump-roping i did yesterday. I was so addicted to breaking my oldest sister's record which is 164 times continuously, if ya know wht i mean. Till then!