Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Drawbacks Of Having An Event In My House

It's no other event.
My brother's erm....I don't know what it's called. 
It's when U send those 'hantaran' or some sort to the Bride-To-Be's house.
I thought they were called Engagement but they were already engaged last year. (I know I should've known this. But I wasn't there when they got engaged. Haha!)

Ok, fine, back to my main point. 
Here are a few drawback of having an event in my house.

1. We have to clean the house THOUROUGHLY before people starts coming. And I have to do most of the cleaning. Not saying that my other THREE sisters were LAZY, just want to point out that I DO ALMOST ALL THE WORK. Lalala~~ Yes, they are lazy. =P

2. We have to clean AGAIN after people left. Huh~

3. There were never anything done. There was always something to do. Can't rest even for a minute. =='''

4. My aunts always like to compare us sisters.

Makcik A: Mana satu Hen ni? 
Makcik B: Eh tek, yang anu eh, langah. (Translation: Tu yang tinggi tu) 
Makcik A: Ah, kakak dia lagi pendek rupa-rupanya. *laughs*

5. There's always something that gets stolen. My slippers, my sister's cheese cake that were suppose to be for my family only and all sorts of other small things. The latest that some kid tried to steal was my brother's kitten. DARN HER. Thank goodness we got to her before she ran away with the kitten. Fiuh~
This is the kitten she tried to steal. Pfft~

6. There were always some kids who messes with my stuffs. And abuse the kittens. NO ONE GETS TO LIVE AFTER MAKING MY KITTENS SUFFER. NO ONE.......(cleans Rambo knife)

7. I'd always stay silent during the whole event. 

8. Everyone keeps calling my name and not my other sisters. Pffftt~ At one time I had to clean the dishes, get the kid away from the kittens, go get the Parang for my dad, mop the floor and receive orders from 3 other people at the same time! Pfft~ I wonder what were my sisters doing at that time. 

9. I get too busy I don't have time to eat. When I do, the food have all gone.

10. People can't stand seeing me sit and rest for a few seconds. =='''

11. After the event, I write all those things I'm not satisfied with in my blog.

12. I spent almost an hour writing about the drawbacks of having an event in my house.

13. My head hurts thinking about the drawbacks of having an event in my house.

14. I can't stop myself from making a list.

15. Ok, I'm stopping.

16. Still trying.

17. OK!

Finally! Ok, a few last babble, even though I was deadbeat tired. But I think it was all worth it. I get to help my mom to do most of the works. Yeay! But sadly, last time I didn't get to attend my brother's Engagement last year cause I have class in matriks. And now I don't get to attend his WEDDING this 26th November coz I got exam the next day. Huhu~

Ok, here are some pictures from that day. I'm too lazy to tell about that day. Read my sis's blog

The hantaranS.

I know I'm the biggest. FYI, I'm not fat. I'm just big by BONE. Lalala~

See the resemblance? 

Moving to the house just next door!! Yeay~~ Xyah susah2.

My beautiful mom with the Hantaran money. 

I don't know why I put this picture. Maybe it's because of my expression? I love my sister's face by the way. Hahaha

Yea she's the kidder. I'm talking bout my little sis ya. Haha. The girl in pink hijjab is my cousin. 

Pura2 jadi model. Lalala~

 Ok credits to my sis Jard's Canon 500D and my second youngest sister as the photographer. U rock sis! 


mndg said...

aku nmpk gamba seakan2 zen posing mcm america next top model ! ahahahahhahahaah XD ...

Zenmax said...

@mndg, kan kan? hahaha but due to poor editing, that picture now looks like expired chocolate. lalala~

Nurhidayah Mohd Hafiz said...

haha! cantik2 org KB ni zen!

Zenmax said...

@Dai, cantik? Erkk..... termasuk aku lah kan? He.he.he..