Saturday, August 14, 2010


I'm soo geram right now.
From where I'm from, geram=GERGITAN

A few days ago, last Thursday, I just found out that there IS a bazaar nearby.
There are two actually.
One is only out there, in front of our campus,
the other, we have to walk 15 minutes to get there.

So, an idea from my friend.
"Jom kita p bazaar yang jauh tu...cuba try test kalau sedap..."

So, since we are young (kinda), we wanted to explore this place, ehem2... So, we all agreed.

The time is already 7pm, in just 30 minutes from now, is SUNGKAI!

*sungkai means berbuka puasa

So, we need to hurry.
After a while, (and much sweat diffused out of my body), we reached the place.

So maaany people!
So big ah that place.
So many types of food!
Not to mention, the flies are of wide varieties too!
Big, small, pink, green, one-eyed, you name it.


I was starting to lose my appetite, but since I don't want the past to occur again, and we're not gonna make it if we turn back now, I had to buy at least something.


Something cheap....

I searched.

The Nasi Ayam had too little Ayam lah, too little Nasi lah, and the flies are already feasting all over it lah..
So hard to make a choice.

The first thing I bought was Yam-flavoured water.
RM2...In a supit.

*supit means plastic in kelantanese.

Then, gotta search for food.
It's almost all sold out, and it's 15 minutes left till sungkai!

Finally, I got lazy to roam around the bazaar again, so I stopped, and looked to the nearest stall.

"Kak, nasi satu!"

Hu..hampeh....x kna layan.


Then she went and pick up a brown paper, fold it in place, and started filling it in with white rice.

Haha... I forgot it's my turn to buy for my friend, so I spoke up again.

"Kak, minta dua!"



Then she did another one.

Ok, now for the lauk..

The first thing I searched for was for some vegies.

I looked around but SADLY, no vegies.

So I had to go on another day without vegies in my system.

I opt for this huge chicken which I thought would only cost me around RM3-4 each.
My friend and I can share.

After I picked the chicken I want, I put it in a supit.

Then I asked, for assurance..and because I wanted to buy another one. Hehe

"Kak, yang ni berape ek?"


My eyes got bigger.

This small chicken (it's big, but not that big) is RM6?!!!

So I instantly cancelled my intention of buying another one.

"Berape semua?"



Let's recap what I just ordered from her.

2 bungkus rice, 1 overly expensive chicken.

1 bungkus rice should cost around least.


Then why is she charging me extra RM2???

Hu! I don't care anymore!!

I don't have time.

I payed her, and took the food away.

Marah ni...

That day, I spent RM12.


That much money I can use to eat for 3-4 days...

Ikat perut la ni...

But, nevermind, in the end, although arrived late for sungkai with my already kebuluran friend, we had fun breaking our fast together.

And that's what matters in the end.

Selamat Berpuasa to every muslims out there!


Zen go study~

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm In Pain~~ hurts...
I still can feel the pain...
But I still need to endure it.
I NEED to.

Because it's training.
Wushu training it is.

Today, first day of Ramadhan,
At 5pm, we had Wushu training.
These are a few of the steps we had to do today.
Some of them were hard to do,
and I kept on falling because of my d**m shoes!
They're so slippery!
Remind me to buy new ones once I have money..

Stretch stretch stretch.

I was told by 1 of our Wushu Master that I was flexible.

I am???
All thanks to my mom.
She forced me to stretch like that everyday.
So I got used to it.

Most of the members, (99.9%) are Chinese.
2 of them are Muslims (but not malay ok?) and 2 are Indians.
But I'm the only 1 with tudung...

Odd one out...

And I can see people passing by talking bout me.
But 난 상관 없어~
It's my life.
Boo the haters!!!!


I'll never let anything bring me down when I'm already enjoying myself!!
And what's more, I got special attention.
Since I don't speak Chinese (or so they thought),
they had to translate everything to me,
and they had to show every move to me,
checking if I was okay or not doing it.

Fun, Fun, Fun....

I hope I can be like her one day...


Okay Zen~
Study Study GO!!!


*All pictures credit to GOOGLE. ^ ^

Indian Sweets

Last month, I expressed my desire to my Indian roommate; Saranya to eat something that I usually see on Bollywood Movies...Laddu.

And yesterday, I get to taste one!

Together with the Laddu, she gave me two types of Palkova.

I like them both...the Palkova, preferably.

The Laddu...Uhm.....Hmm......

Anyway, for my sahur today, I ate...

1. 3 crackers
2. Milk

That's all..

There's no place to buy food from at these times.


Today we have Wushu practice,
although it's going to be only my friend and I who are Muslims,
I'm really looking forward for it!

Wushu during fasting,
what could be better?!


Study study~
Go back to study Zen~


Monday, August 9, 2010

Waiting In The Lecture Hall

I'm waiting....
I'm waiting...

Class start at 10am, but yet I'm two hours early...
Why? 왜?

It's because the seats in front are available only at these times.
Usually some other early birds had already taken the seats. Some had already been here an hour earlier than me. Wow~

The things we'd do to get knowledge...

I sit in front, because I didn't want to fall asleep during class, so that I will listen, and concentrate,
BUT, that didn't work out...

So why am I still sitting in front?


Cause it's fun.

Getting here earlier than anyone else.

Plus I can study in an air-conditioned place rather than in my room where it's a natural sauna.
I don't have to exercise anymore when most of the fats are burned just by sitting in my room.

^ - ^

Ok, I'm going back to studying~


Sunday, August 8, 2010

David Archuleta Releases a New Music Video!!!!

David Archuleta, our favourite runner-up on American Idol 7, had just released a new single plus music video with the title Something 'Bout Love! Other than the long awaited single, he now has a new Hot Look!

He's gotten a new mature look, but still keeping up to his cute side!

His new single Something 'Bout Love is from his new upcoming album The Other Side of Down and is scheduled to be released on October 5, 2010. The singer is now making his pop music a bit more catchy! The first time I heard this song, I couldn't get it outta my head!!! It also got my feet tapping. LOL

So, check out the new Music Video from this cute american pop singer-songwriter and get stuck with the catchy upbeat tune in your head. ^ - ^

Friday, August 6, 2010

How To Study Right

Credits to Google. ^ ^

Who said studying is boring?
No they are not...
I can guarantee you that studying won't be as boring as usual if you follow what I'm doing...

1. Open book. (It can be whatever topic, as long as you open one)

2. Flip through pages until you find something to study about. (I usually get attracted to pictures, but if you happen to open a book with no pictures, draw one...)

3. Read. While doing this, try to imagine and understand what you are actually reading about. If you want, make notes. (I rarely makes notes that I read again after making it.. Somehow those notes disappear...hmm....)

4. Understand fully. Don't memorize! If you memorize those crucial information, you tend to forget it during exams in case you PANICKED. (Believe me, it happened to me tons of times before...)

5. Ask friends, seniors or even lecturers if you don't understand. (I RARELY go to lecturers, usually i discuss it with my friends...Hmm....)

6. Whenever neighbours come in visit you in your dorm, pretend that you're studying, and hide those PSPs!! (The reason for this is so that they'll think that you're a very keen and hardworking student..uhuk3...padahal!!)

7. Whenever you can't take in any more information through your head, SLEEP. (I would just get crazy and hunt people to annoy... He..he..he...)

8. If people come and ask you, try your very best to explain, and then say "Actually I don't understand it myself..."ㅋㅋㅋ~)

9. Change position when studying as much as possible! (In one hour, I can make 50+ studying poses)

10. Sing while studying. At least you can annoy you roommates at the same time... LOL.

11. Last but not least, never study with your best friends!! This is suicide and wasting time only! You'd end up talking bout something else. But, if you have friends who know how to stop (I know I can't) talking, then you got your self a good study mate!!

I'm not an expert in studying myself. And studying varies with types of people.
Some people can take 10 long hours of non-stop studying (like someone I know..uhuk3), but unlike me, I study at least 2-3 hours per day. I rest a lot, making excuses that I wanna eat lah, sleep lah, sing lah, dance lah, etc.

So, study lah ikut suka kamu.

However, there are some techniques or tips that are quite useful for SOME people like me. I highly recommend it...for me... LOL~ Here it is~

1. Buy books with lots of diagrams. Words are dull.

2. Mind maps. (Yes baby!)

3. Music. (My life)

4. Victims to annoy.

5. Milo. (For eating, of course!)

6. Sleep. (not for a long time, just for about 10-20min tops!)

7. Water. Make sure you have 2-3 bottles of water next to you. To prevent dehydration and exhaustion of the brain....Hik3

8. Tissue. To wipe blood coming out of your nose.

9. Duct Tapes. To tape you're annoying roommate to the chair. (I had never found a roommate who is more annoying than me...)

10. Colorful pens and highlighters. To make your notes, (or in my case, my friends' notes) more colourful.

11. Uhm... Milk? Meaw~

Ok, that's about it.. I get crazy with studying. With the course that I'm taking, studying is endless. Even when we are on our sick beds we'll still be studying!! I guess I since I chose this path, I have to go along with it.

All we need the most are the enthusiasm and the will to not fail and let your parents down. Do it for yourself! Not for your parents! This is your life! YOU decide what you want in your life!!!

Haven't decided it yet?


I'll wait...

Decide now...





Ok!! Now go for it!!!!!!!! 아자아자 FIGHTING!!