Friday, February 11, 2011

Why Eating Is No Longer My Top Priority

1. I need to save money.

2. I can't eat that much anymore. My stomach seems to be rejecting the food. (This might be a good thing for me.... Diet3..LOL)

3. I don't think that food are that much fun anymore. I got bored.....Except for ice creams...and milk....and Corn Flakes...and chocolates....and biscuits......and the list goes on....

4. I find that my notes are much more interesting and fun to chew on.

5. If I get hungry, I can always eat my laptop.

6. My stomach plays the most beautiful songs in the world when the hydrochloric acid are rupturing the wall of my mucosal layer. Lagu NegaraKu, Seiring dan Sejalan, Sabah Tanah AirKu, dan banyak lagi...

7. I found better things to do during lunch.....SLEEP.

8. A bird told me that Carbohydrate makes me fat. 0.o

9. I exercise..... (Bwahaha~ Ketara menipu..)

10. I pity those kids in Africa who died of hunger. To show my sympathy towards them, I refrain from eating... (Except from ice creams, chocolates, cornflakes, blahblahblah)

11. Diet. (Ya lah tu Zen.....)

12. I think that the makcik who prepares food here at the cafe has been planning to poison me for a very long time now. She wants me dead....coz she's jealous of my teddy bear. I'M NOT GIVING IT AWAY U *******!! Ehem3......

13. I'm trying to save Spongebob and his friends. How? Well, do you know, everytime you eat, you produce waste in the room water (Direct translation: bilik air), and the waste goes down the drain? Well, what you don't know is that after the drain, it will go to the sea. And........ who lives in a pineapple under the sea? (Lagu tema bermula...)
Spongebob Squarepants!
Absorbant and yellow and porous is he!
Spongebob Squarepants!

(tiba2 nyanyi lagu Spongebob)

Ok, back to saving Spongebob. If there are a lot of waste in the sea, will Spongebob be able to live with all that....unnecessary "chocolate"? No!
So, I eat less, so less waste, which results in happy kids watching Spongebob still alive on TV!! Yeay!!

14. Uhm...... I dunno... I guess I just wanna be skinny and sexy like her.

Cantik kan? XD

Pic credit to Google Image.


mndg said...

zen. gambar tu best photo of photographer of the year okay ?!

Jard The Great said...

or izzit becoz of a boy? u wanna to be skinny? hurmmm

Zenmax said...

@mndg, ak tau gmbar ni cantik. tu lah aku amik simpan blog aku.

@jard, boy? puh-lease! klu ko igt pasal tu then u dunno me that well sis.... Ish3....

Misz.AdylLa.AniYsz said...

u make me laught la zen..:D tyme2 strees ni..hahaha

eve said...

r u sure u wanna b like her? too skinny seems like no LIFE. haaha

Zenmax said...

@dylla, hahahahah bagus lah tu..ilangkan stress.. ^^ ak pn tgh stress ni... hoho~

@eve, I can't be like her even if I try.... Why?
1. I have BIG BONES.
2. Mlas.
3. Dunno wanna lose THAT much weight, my old clothes won't fi, nanti I have to new BUY clothes, and that cost eve.. See my Num. 1 reason up there....


mndg said...

sebenarnya zen nak kurus sebab seorang wanita ..

Jard The Great said...

hahahaha... hen ada stomach problam. soh gi check doctor takmauuu

Zenmax said...

@mndg, KO MEMANG MEMAHAMI!!!! Hua3!!

@jard, aku x suka doktor and ubat.......Ironic huh?