Saturday, May 15, 2010

Talking Baby!!!

At what age did we said our first word?
Mostly we'd just say "Gugu gaga" or simply "Da-Da" or "Ma-Ma"...
I would be amazed if a baby said "Lady Gaga" as their first word, but we better get real here...
My mom said my first word was at the age of 1 years old, and the award winning word is "Bu-Bu".
Wow...Bu-bu... Never did know what it means though..

What I'm trying to say is, during our younger days and I SERIOUSLY MEAN YOUNGER days, we could've said many other different words to express our feelings..
Let's see what these babies have to say..
And these videos are NOT MINE, i got them from youtube.

Credit to Noey18.

And another one,
Saying how they REALLY feel... Aww.....

Credit to 1PartyGirl.

And this....well she's just SOO DARN CUTE!!!

Credit to Noey18.

So guys, what were YOUR first word??

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