Saturday, January 16, 2010


Freedom is a broad subject..
But i guess everybody needs freedom..

In our case, freedom is something we call "time of release".. The time we we feel no pressure, no responsibilities, no NOTHING! Just me, myself and I.
However in some country, freedom is something what they have fighting for all their lives. Freedom is not something that comes easy.

For example, in Palestine..

They have been fighting for their lives, dignity, religion, for their land and also for their FREEDOM.
And guess what? They've been fighting since 1948!
Israel took over, then blablabla.... U can read about how it all started here..

And here is fun site..hehehe

There's this interesting site on the comparison between teenagers in Malaysia and Palestine.
It's about how we are SOO different than them and what we deal with everyday is nothing compared with what they dealt with everyday.

To find out more, go here..

My point is...everybody is lost, not knowing what their purpose in life is. You'd say we fight everyday to put food on the plate, to find more money and such.
But seriously people, the only question is, what are we fighting for, and why?

Till then!


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