Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Turn Off

Ok, I'm bored.

I got nothing to do. It's morning. And I just woke up a tad bit too early. Hahaha~

So I'm gonna tell about what makes GIRLS run away from GUYS.

For me lah. I don't know about other GIRLS.

So here it is.

1. Smoke.

The number ONE thing I DON'T like if a guys smokes. Nuff said. Xmau cakap panjang2, nanti ada yang terasa.

2. Chewing With Mouth Open

Sorry guys, but there are some girls who found this to be rather disgusting and disturbing. Please close your mouth during chewing Ur food. We don't wanna know what's going on inside there. SERIOUSLY, WE DON'T.

If U are this cute, then nevermind.. ^^

3. Long Nails

What's the purpose of guys having long nails anyway? I don't get it. Girls I get lah because my mom said "Perempuan kuku panjang nda apa, sebab ini guna untuk protection juga... Tapi mami simpan sebab senang untuk menggaru."
I think I can tolerate if girls have long nails, but guys, PLEASE, clip it. PLEASE. I can't talk without staring at Ur nails. It's distracting. I feel like I wanna cut them myself. Not using nail-clippers, NO, I'll use PARANG. I'll cut Ur fingers too.

4. Long Hair


5. Bad Breath

Uhm... This is the number ONE reason why I didn't choose Dentistry. I don't like the smell of people's breath sometimes. Yah..If U have bad breath, U'll do a good job torturing me. Nope, body smell is okay, not BAD BREATH. I'd die.

6. Wearing Slippers

Uhm. It's OK if Ur selipar has a COOL look. But kalau pakai yang buruk2 tu, macam selipar gipun ka, pastu nampak jari2 kaki with unclip toenails, and then nampak lagi segala rahsia2 yang ada di kaki ko tu, fungus pa infection pa semua, PLEASE LAH. COVER THEM!

It's torturing my eyes. If we talk, I won't look at U, I'll look at Ur feet. ThenI'll gag. Then I'll throw up right then and there. Meaning, I won't hesitate to show U what I ate for breakfast.

7. Popping Ur Pimples While Talking

EWEW!!!!! I HATE THIS ONE. Sorry, I know some of U guys do it involuntarily, but couldn't U guys just tahan please? Wait till U get to Ur room, get a mirror, and do it there. I don't wanna know how U pop it. I don't wanna see how big the white thingy that came out of there. I don't wanna see Ur face bleeding at certain spots. Please. I'm sorry. But I really prefer not seeing that.

Ok, I think that's all I can think of right now. Haha~
Being my so called OCD self, there are some things I can't tolerate.

And this one here I wrote based on my experience lah.

But in the end, all those can be topped by a guy's attitude.
How he really looks like from the inside.

And if the girl has fallen TRULY MADLY DEEPLY in love with him.


Copy Paste title lagu Savage Garden kejap.


*Pics credit to Google Image

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