Monday, June 27, 2011

I Summon U Creative Zen!

No, I'm not talking bout this.

I'm talking about myself.
Gotta unleash my inner creativity.
I got things to decorate.
Bakul-bakul hantaran.

For my brother's engagement that is.
I lack a bit of C-R-E-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y. 
If people tell me to decorate a card.
I'd just simply put a ribbon, mix some coloured papers and Voila!
A card.



The worst birthday card I've made was made entirely from newspaper.

U guys must've think 'Wow Zen U made cards out of newspaper! How creative U r!"


I just cut a rectangle from a newspaper.
Fold it in half.
Paste in some pictures I cut from newspaper also,
Get some white paper.
Stick in the inside of the card.
The on the cover put a red ribbon.
Put some glitter.
Colour some of it.
Paste some stuffs.

And whatever I can find to make it not..UGLY.
But it became worse.

Enough said on the FAIL birthday card.

What was I talking bout again?

Oh yea.

I think this is a bit easy lah.
My mom is also in it.
And together, we'd make the worst best hantaran ever!!!!

*mimpi mimpi mimpi*


Firdaus Amin said...

Nice...where's the shout box
(everytime I visit ur blog I helped the poor hahahaha, nice aint it?)

Zenmax said...

Aiya... Ok2... I'll do it I'll do it.. Hahahahahahah

Firdaus Amin said...

shoutbox yay! (gaya marshmallow)