Sunday, February 7, 2010

Early Marriage??

There's not much time for me to update my blog...
And i got noo idea what to write about...
So, here it is...

What do you think of this picture??

In some rural area in the world, girls as early 12 or younger are getting married, while in our world, there are even women with the age of 50 and STILL single!
So what's the heck is goin on?

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It's a tradition elsewhere, and a taboo here.

I for myself am not thinking to get married that eraly, only when i'm financially stable then i'll go out looking for someone else to bring food to my plate. hehe

The only thing is, people here get married on their own decision, or as we might say, BECAUSE of their own ACTION..haha..

But those people in those area got forced to marry someone who might as well be as old as their grandfather and bear their child in such a young age. Those people don't know how much disease and pain that young child is forced to bear.
These children are mainly young girls and women..
Soo sad...

But there are some cases that teenagers are forced to marry someone their age but only for the single reason of political purposes only..

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I got lots of things to get done, so i'll leave to the lilnks to tell how i feel..

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hisham said...!!!...mude2 dh kawin....hehe

Zenmax said...

besa lah tu... hidup kan singkat