Friday, June 4, 2010

Encounter With The Devil

Evil comes in different ways, they might come to you while taking a shower (ugh?), while eating, while taking a walk on a normal day, and they might even come to you while sleeping.

Well, well, well, I can give you a list of THE 3 MOST EVIL WOMEN I'VE MET (SO FAR)
Nahh...they're not THAT evil, just bad people...
3. The Maid

She used to work for us for a few months only. She was pretty nice to us, she'd care for us as if we were her own, listen well to my mother and did well in her job. Later on, she gain my family's trust, and even mine. She is actually a relative of mine, so I guess that's why we trusted her more than others.
Well, her true colours started when we had financial problem. It's that time of the month, yes. LOL. So, we were unable to pay her on time, and we ask to for time.
It's not like we're not gonna pay here, it's just that it's gonna take a while.
But, she misunderstood our intention. She had a big mouth she had... A big mouth that tell lies... She spread to all of the people in our 'kampung' that we were bad people who refuses to pay for her labor around the house. She also spread the word that we mistreated her and so on. When the word reached us, my dad was in rage. He fired her immediately after paying her last paycheck. She never said sorry, and it doesn't look like she regretted her actions. Huh...tough life.

2. The Cashier

This gal is a hateful one. My mom, and my sister and I were kinda grocery shopping at this store, and when we were going to the counter to pay, the line was nil. It took us a long time before we finally reach it to pay. We were tired of standing, I pity my mom, however the cashier didn't made our day any better. She had this sour face, and treated us no better as if she treated a rock.
Finally, she said the price, RM38.90! in a pretty high-pitched voice. But that didn't spark fire in my chest...YET. When my mother was searching for the 90cents in her oddly huge purse, the cashier went 'huh' and rolled her eyes a few times. So I was thinking 'Oh, this girl must had a pretty bad day today', but then this one thing made me wanted to slap her. After my mom handed her the exact value, she said 'TERIMA KASIH MAKCIK!!' with a piercing look in here eyes. 'Rude!' I thought. And I was about to speak up when my sister quickly pinched my arm, telling me to hold it in. I just couldn't stand watching someone being rude to my mom. Huh...I know where you live clerk!! LOL

1. The Other Cashier
Haha...This one is a funny one. Well, my sister and I were scavenging (sort of) for presents to buy for her teacher on teacher's day. After a tiresome search, we finally found one thing to buy, a PICTURE FRAME worth RM3. So, we went to pay for it. After paying, then we noticed that the FRAME was actually broken, so we went to return it. The nice cashier said "Ok, go and see if there are any item in the shop with the same price to return it.'
Searching again, but no FRAME was of the same price, so my sister went and buy a cute doll worth RM2.50. Then I said to her 'Just take it then.' So, we went to tell the nice cashier. Unfortunately, the cashier had something to do, so she had asked her friend to attend to us. She clearly said that we were just exchanging broken item with a new one, and that we don't have to pay. But the other cashier just punch in the price and said to us 'RM2.50 please!'. I was puzzled, then I told her nicely (I was still in a good mood), 'We already payed, we just wanted to exchange the item we bought earlier.'
Then she went berserk at us. 'NAPA X BGTAU AWAL2! BIKIN SUSAH ORANG JAK!!'. Ok, by then, my heart is in rage. She then said 'WE CANNOT RETURN YOU THE 50CENTS, SO YOU HAVE TO FIND ANOTHER ITEM THAT'S WORTH 50CENTS IN THIS SHOP!'. My sister did accordingly, I waited for her patiently at the counter. Later, she returned empty-handed.
'Is there even any item here worth 50cents?' I asked her and she replied 'I don't think so.'. 'Ok, she had done it' i thought. Why would she ask us to find something that doesn't even existed!! UGH!!!!
My sister was willingly to walk out, leaving her 50cents, but I refused. I told her 'MAKAN LAH 50SEN TU!' to which she replied 'KURANG AJAR PUNYA ANAK!!!'. Then, the battle began...with words...nothing physical here. If there is, she would end up at a hospital for a year. LOL.
I don't want to elaborate more, just know that I let go of my inner devil that day, with a
little bit of conscience still inside. I managed not to wreck the shop, and walked away just like that. sister was already seeking refuge out of the humility in the car when I started. Everyone was staring that day, but no one dare intrude. I was ashamed myself, but i managed to put on a show with a somewhat cool face. Haha...
I haven't went in that shop since....

So there you have it.
Top 3 of the baddest women I've met so far. Hahahaha

Here are the some webs I found which are pretty gruesome, evil that is.
1. Women who already died

That's it then...

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