Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm In Pain~~ hurts...
I still can feel the pain...
But I still need to endure it.
I NEED to.

Because it's training.
Wushu training it is.

Today, first day of Ramadhan,
At 5pm, we had Wushu training.
These are a few of the steps we had to do today.
Some of them were hard to do,
and I kept on falling because of my d**m shoes!
They're so slippery!
Remind me to buy new ones once I have money..

Stretch stretch stretch.

I was told by 1 of our Wushu Master that I was flexible.

I am???
All thanks to my mom.
She forced me to stretch like that everyday.
So I got used to it.

Most of the members, (99.9%) are Chinese.
2 of them are Muslims (but not malay ok?) and 2 are Indians.
But I'm the only 1 with tudung...

Odd one out...

And I can see people passing by talking bout me.
But 난 상관 없어~
It's my life.
Boo the haters!!!!


I'll never let anything bring me down when I'm already enjoying myself!!
And what's more, I got special attention.
Since I don't speak Chinese (or so they thought),
they had to translate everything to me,
and they had to show every move to me,
checking if I was okay or not doing it.

Fun, Fun, Fun....

I hope I can be like her one day...


Okay Zen~
Study Study GO!!!


*All pictures credit to GOOGLE. ^ ^

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Jard The Great said...

wushu? apsal tiba2 nak amik wushu plak.. ahaha..