Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Indian Sweets

Last month, I expressed my desire to my Indian roommate; Saranya to eat something that I usually see on Bollywood Movies...Laddu.

And yesterday, I get to taste one!

Together with the Laddu, she gave me two types of Palkova.

I like them both...the Palkova, preferably.

The Laddu...Uhm.....Hmm......

Anyway, for my sahur today, I ate...

1. 3 crackers
2. Milk

That's all..

There's no place to buy food from at these times.


Today we have Wushu practice,
although it's going to be only my friend and I who are Muslims,
I'm really looking forward for it!

Wushu during fasting,
what could be better?!


Study study~
Go back to study Zen~


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