Monday, February 28, 2011

Why People Read My Blog

Warning. This entry is full of me being full of myself. And O yea a bunch of nonsense too. Please refrain Urself from reading my blog if U r not full of Urself either, and wish that U weren't me. Haha~

1. My blog is full of the nonsense people want to read about.

2. People are just so darn bored with their life.

3. People mostly don't have anything to do, so they happen to find the link to my blog in Facebook, so they decided to read it....and later ask themselves "WHY IN THE WORLD DID I CLICKED? WHY GOD, WHY??? AM I BEING PUNISHED??"

4. They fell in love with the author. . . (is it wrong for a girl to dream? =P)

5. Just for the purpose of stalking me. Darn U stalkers! First my facebook, then my twitter, and now my blog? O man ur creepy...

6. I didn't do anything about the stalkers. And most of the time I let myself get stalk. Bukan selalu kan kena stalk ni....Hua3

7. Because I'm awesome?

8. They are afraid about what I'll write about them. He.he.he........ =p

9. A virus attacked their laptops or PCs (or Macs?) that keeps on opening A very genius plan there Zen... He.he.he....

10. They are searching for a picture of me in my blog. Kan orang muda mudi sekarang suka letak gmbar diorang sendiri dalam blog? Hahaha~ Keep on looking guys... (Ok, perasan kejap...)

11. Because I'm Jard's sister? (darn U Jard!!)

12. Because I'm awesome...still?

13. They like to read my blog coz it's funny. (Seriously guys, is it FUNNY? That's a shocker there.... I think my dog can write funnier things than me..)

14. They pity me. No one reads my blog, so just because of the sake of being my friend, they check out my blog. Thanks guys... But, don't force Urself.... U don't have to read it if U don't want to.... Sob sob....Isk Isk.... (Terharu menangis menarik-tertarik hingus)

15. I like to list things out. Easier.

16. I like to put spaces in my sentences. Easier for people to read.

17. My blog is environmental friendly. No plants or animals were harm during the production of any of my blog entries. Just wasting electricity, Ur time, Ur sweat, and plus hurting Ur eyes reading my blog.

18. Because I'm SUPER AWESOME! Can't deny that one.

19. Because I'm a goddess sent from hell. (eh? mesti ni pengaruh anime.....ish3)

20. Ah! Malas dah nak fikir! Ok lah.. Untuk menyedapkan hati para jejaka (betulkah bahasa aku ni?) yang nak sangat tengok gambar aku, Khas untuk entri kali ini, I will post my picture in my blog. Enjoy~

Let's start with my baby picture.

Cute kan?

And this is how I look like now.

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keep on dreamin'.............