Saturday, June 25, 2011

Aku Suka lah Abang tu! I salute U!!

This post in not to make U jeles/angry/meluat/menyampah/dengki/terhina/lapar/mengantuk. This post is just a little piece of my mind right now. Miahaha~ 

Tadi kan, tadi kan, (excited)
there's this abang who wanted to use the printer.

At first he seemed just like any other customer we have around here.

But there are a few things that made me happy, that made him one of the most (I hope) remembered customer we had since we opened last month. (other than the guy who always comes here everyday. ^^)

Those are:

1. He said 'Assalamualaikum' and smiled before entering. 

2. He kept talking to me to lift the mood up.. (I was really silent the whole time.. Talking to myself in my head....)

3. He was polite. (yeay!)

4. I felt bad that the total of the things he printed out was RM41. I wanted to give him discount RM1, but he insisted on paying. 

4. Upon leaving, before closing the door behind him, he turned back, smiled and said "Assalamualaikum Dik."


Really lifts my mood up for today!!


I wish there were more people like that here.

*eyes flashing*

Oh well! 
Back to Disney Movies!!!

Next on the list,
The Little Mermaid.

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