Friday, May 6, 2011

The Story So Far

Exams are over.


I could've sworn I heard fireworks and people cheering like they have beaten Tsunami when we got out of the hall that day for our last paper.
Apa kes ada orang tua dalam gambar ni? Kami semua muda-muda belaka lagi ok.....

Or it could be side effects from a sleep-deprived me.....

Who knows....?

Well, well, well.

We all know that after exams, students would go PAAARTEEEY~ (read: party)

Movie Marathon, jalan-jalan, movies some more... 

Yup. Party.

Fun, fun, fun, fun....

Yea, what's more fun than not having a roommate and living alone in the room and having Ur laptop crushed when U needed it the most?

(This is one of the reason I didn't get much study for OSPE...laptop rosak...ceh alasan!)

So, last night, "celebrating" my temporary freedom, guess what I did?


Fool around.

Play my guitar.

Play with Tini's laptop. (he.he.he...)

Sleep some more.

That night was the only highlight of my day yesterday.

Watched a movie.


Read it again.

Watched A movie.

One frickin movie only.

So much for movie marathoning.

After the movie,

I slept....soundly....only to be disturbed early in the morning around 2am by the frickin electricity.

It got hot.

I had to open the window,

Creating the opportunities to let in some of God's most ferocious bugs...
They aimed for my BEAUTIFUL legs...(ehem3...)

I scratched so hard last night it put me to sleep.

I slept....for a while...

Until I heard some human-like hyenas laughing and giggling like there's no end to it I woke up furious. And it's only close to 3am in the morning. I've been asleep for what, 10-20 minutes? 

Darn them...

Tini got so mad she screamed at them (I think, or was I dreaming?) but that didn't stop them.

No sir. They laugh even harder.

I went back to sleep anyway.

Because finally the fan was back on.


Woke up at 8am because of the darn electricity again.

Had a few more problems with it a few times after that.

Other than today being extremely hot,

guess what I did today?

Come on.



Exactly what I did.

That was the only thing I could do.


Freedom is sooo sweet.

I wanted to draw for this entry, but since I'm not using my laptop, I got lazy...


Jard The Great said...

so laptop kau rosak? what are you planning to do about it?

Zenmax said...

@jard. I don't plan. I do.I burned it already last night... I was sooo darn bored......