Thursday, May 26, 2011

When I'm Bored And Got Nothing To Do

I got four months of holiday,
and unemployed.
Unless U consider what I do almost everyday which is looking after my bro's shop,
or you could say; taking care of my big brother like a baby (Hehehe just joking) a JOB, then I'm good.

So the boredom disease came by a lot.
And seriously,

Every single day.
I just sit around, play around with the laptop (not mine) and facebook all the time.
Honestly facebook bores me to death.


Normally, when I'm bored, I'd do these.

At Home.

1. Annoy my mother.
2. Annoy my sisters.
3. Watch a book.
4. Feel a book.
5. Touch a book.
6. Read a book.
7. Taste a book.
8. Jump all around the house.
9. Climb a tree. (I rarely do these nowadays.)
10. Go on top of our huge water tank and enjoy the view. =D
11. Poke my cat with a stick.
12. Poke my brother with a stick.
13. Poke my dad with a stick.
14. Draw some random things all over my desk. (I used to have one. Now it belongs to my sister.... T.T)
15. Create miniature homes....using toenails.(joking, joking. I just found another way of recycling those keratins.....Bake a cake. )
16. Bake a cake.
17. Bake my cat.
18. Perform liposuction on my siblings. My regular customer is my brother. Lalala~
19. Perform various surgeries on a dead fish before cooking it and feeding it to my cats.
20. Perform various surgeries on my brother before he realize that bits of him were cut off. (U should thank me bro)
21. my dad's fish pond.
22. Clean the house.

At my room back in USM.

1. Sleep.
2. Play guitar.
3. Sleep.
4. Annoy Tini.
5. Sleep.
6. Eat.
7. Eat.
8. Putting food into my mouth.

At my bro's shop.

1. Play Internet.
2. Watch downloaded movies.
3. Walk around town.
4. Poke my brother with a stick. (In this case, I find poking with my index finger does pretty much the same effect to his annoyed level as does the stick.)
5. Facebook. Huh..... 
6. Look at the customer. 
7. Smile at them.
8. Curse at them when they call me 'kak'. 
9. Eat more ice cream!

What I do when I'm bored differs with places. 
Don't you?


(Hari ni aku merapu lagi. Yeye~) 

4 bulan buat benda yang sama. Yeay freedom. 


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