Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Time Using Paypal

I know.

I'm a noob.

My sis Jard told me to do these a long time ago.
I just finally got the time and...enough boredom to do this.
And they are paying me for it!

What's not to love?



I got my first pay via Paypal!!
Click For Larger View 

I know it's a bit sikit now..
But, little little later will become hill. (Yes, bad direct translation guys. I know.)


I think I just got a part-time money earning job.
Enough to pay for my obsessions for ice creams.  

I hope.... *fingers crossed


Firdaus Amin said...

mahu juga...macam mana buat?

Zenmax said...

@Daus, Ko kena jawab survey jak. Senang! Nanti aku bagi link dia ya... sabar. :)

Firdaus Amin said...

Ok...aku sudah siap entry untuk qiyam...

nantikan esok ada treat bagi pengomen tegar..