Thursday, August 25, 2011

If Only I Could Wish For A Better Place

Don't anyone wishes that this place were better than it already are?

Don't you wish that there are no war?
That the world has achieved what the beauty pageant's people used to say "World Peace"?

Don't you wish for a better tomorrow?
Where there are always food on the table.
Where there are always water provided for our daily use.
Where there are children playing in the playground, outdoors like they used to ages ago and not get in harm's way?
Where kids act like kids and have fun like they usually do instead of growing up to fast?
Where children would always listen to what their parents tells them to do and never make them sad?
Where parents makes wonderful jobs nurturing, caring and educating their children that they grew up to be better people? Better leaders?
Where our leaders nowadays care for the people more than their own selves?
Where the leaders nowadays help his people like he helps himself and his family?
Where there are no corrupted people?
Where there are no crime or the crime rate has miraculously decreased?
Where the people would work hard to serve not only for themselves, but also for their religion, their race, their country. As the saying goes "Agama, Jiwa dan Bangsa."
Where people would help each other and not turn the blind eye for the needy?
Where the people would work together to solve problems?
Where freedom of speech is still FREEDOM?

Don't we all wish that life is so much easier?
Where all our problems would fly away easily and the need to face it is no longer viable.
Where things would go our way and not screw up every now and then?
Where help comes just in the nick of time to save our butt?

Well I do.

But sometimes when things get in our way,
we can't just wish it away.
And write it in a blog, hoping that it'll all come true.
We can only pray...and hope for the best.

Yes life is a pain in the butt sometimes.
And people just don't seem to get it.
And the world is stressing us out.
But that is part of what we have to face in our borrowed life here.

We cannot stop praying,
and hoping that everything would get better.
And not only pray.
We need to get in action too.

Do something.

Rather than just watch the world crush into pieces from the walls and comfort of our own home.



Get in action.

Live life to the fullest.

Who knows?

Maybe we ARE destined for greatness.

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1 comment:

Firdaus Amin said...

we are, we did, we had it all...but we were selfish & paid the price~