Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Justin Bieber-like Voice, A Cramped Hand and Loony Smile Day

Assalamualaikum guys. (Its the Ramadhan. Sekali sekala. ;p)

I woke up today having a really REALLY sore throat.
I thought I had recovered from it yesterday but I was soo wrong.
Swallowing my spit was difficult.
But I managed though.

I even sang out loud to the songs in Youtube.
Did you guys know they have karaoke version of any of the songs you like there?
Cool huh?

In the end, 
I sound like Justin Bieber going to puberty....In a not-so-awesome way.
Even my mom claims that I have a sexy voice right now.
O yea mom. It takes one to know one. *wink wink

To spend my hectic day of nothingness,
I started drawing again.

I'm not much of an artist in these field,
but I kinda wanted to just, D.R.A.W.
First I would scribble on things...
Then my drawing started to take their form..
From dust to trash to foods to animals then to faeces faces.
Then I started searching in the Net for some 'inspirations'.
Please tilt your head to the right to view. Click for a larger image.
I don't know why it's rotated clockwise....
I don't know how to fix it.

I still don't like drawing the whole figure.....

I also smiled like a lunatic all day today.
Darn lips.


Firdaus Amin said...

u know what? the other day I went for karaoke, we sang rolling in the deep

Zenmax said...

@Daus, aku x pernah pegi karaoke.. aku karaoke di rumah ja.. miahaha~