Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye Bye 2010~!


Today is the birthdays of three of my friends.

And tomorrow is a whole lot more.

I'm writing this entry to give my goodbyes to 2010.

A lot of things happened on this year.

So, let me summarized what happened kay?
Even if I don't really recall some of it.

1. Remembered last year's new year celebration. My roommates, along with my neighbours shouted from the third floor of our Hostel back at KML. We screamed like there was no tomorrow. Hahaha.. Esoknya suara aku berubah jadi suara rockers dalam KoRn.

2. Got chased by a Bitch (I seriously mean a female dog) while trying to save her stuck puppy in a drain. I was with my ex-KML roommate, Tania. Hoho~ Good Times...Good Good Times....

3. Got admitted into Hospital Kota Belud for my gastric. But I skipped out because I was going back to KML that day. Hahaha~

4. Got accepted into USM, taking Medic.

5. Found some crazy friends here. Now, we are a family. Yup....Family.... Brothers and sisters kay! Jangan fikir jauh2...

6. First time getting scholarship. From JPA lagi tu! Hahaha~! Jadi boros lah pulak...Now I'm trying hard to save money.......

7. Learned how to drive, and drove a car for the first time in my life! Hahaha~

8. First time nampak dari dekat orang pakai braces....and how they cleaned their teeth...(Gulp...)

9. Got my first guitar!!! MWAHAHA~!

10. Found out I wasn't trying harder in my studies. So, next time, I'll be BETTER!!

11. Peanut~ Hohoho!

12. 3 times wearing make-up. All against my will.. But I had to do it.... Huh...I look hideous....

13. First time buying 24 bottles of 5.5 Litres of mineral water ALL AT ONCE. Had to rent a taxi to carry it all.. I just had to bear with the embarrassment of having to pull the trolley here and there......with people watching and laughing behind our backs. Darn those people. Hahaha

Uhm...Let's just leave it to that.

I don't have any idea anymore. Yea, not much happened. I lied. It's pretty much the same. Except for a little something that made a BIG difference to my life. Hohoho~

Only Tini and I know... Miahahahah~

Bye2 2010!

See U tomorrow 2011!


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