Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Boring lah asyik baca pasal hidup aku yang ntah pape ni.
So, I'ma write bout clowns.

What about them?

I hate them.

It's because of those darn Horror Movies that keeps on sending messages to little children (including me) that clowns are creepy and you NEVER wanna mess with them...

There I said it...
Finally got this out of my chest.

it's not that they are scary.
I used to like clowns.
I think that clowns are brave.
Because they can stand being laughed at and kicked at and punched at by kids...
That's y.

But seriously,
here are some reasons why we must be very careful around clowns.
Don't trust them!

1. They're Bald. (Their head are shining. It's a useful weapon to get our eyes BLIND!!!)

2. They can be a girl. (Which is more confusing...What are they?)

3. They look like my next door neighbour. (I'm tellin the truth! Creepy guy~)

4. They live in our sewers... (Careful what U flush!!!)

5. They know the chinese Ancient Self Defense Move, ACUPUNCTURE.

6. They like to play GAMES...

Hu...those are the reasons that I manage to investigate myself.
But, there's one more clown that we are well aware of,
and not most of U guys know how dangerous this clown is.
I don't even think we can defeat him!

Don't believe?
I have proof of his......evilness....



mendung said...

kenape ko mesti cerita pasal clown ? ako benci clown!!! arrghh!
(campak meja)

ako pon lepas tgk cerita The It tu ..pasal clown jahat tu .. terus ako takot ngan clown time kecik2... hishhsihsih...

salahkan family sebab ajak ako tgk citer It tu ... kecik lagi time tu ..

Zenmax said...

@mendung, pasal THE IT lah aku buat entri ni..
Sekecik-kecik or muda2 ko dulu, aku LAGI LAH MUDA TYM TU!
I had nightmares for weeks.....
(campak aiskrim)
Gila lah aku mau campak aiskrim....