Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Gift For Me

I received a package today.

It was medium sized.

I smiled thinking of what was inside.

Making wild guesses.

I like gifts.
Especially if they were meant for me.
Coz it's free!


Back to the package.
It was out of shape.
Well, didn't looked like a box...
I just thought that it hadn't been handled that well during it's shipping here.

I found out that it was only bad wrapping....
No offense! Hik3!


Aku sengaja x amik gmbar full...Takut nanti ada yang termuntah tengok rupa sebenar package ni..... =.=''

Who is the sender?
Hahaha x boleh bagitau.....Nanti dia jadi mangsa pembaca2 aku.. (As IF!)
All U guys have to know is,
My friend is from my home.

I waited a few hours before I opened it.

I was careful when opening it (which is totally unlike me) .
I opened the first bad wrapping,
Brown paper.
I cut it with a scissor.
My friend who sent it to me told me to open it carefully.
So I did..

And then,
after the first layer was removed,
there was another layer.

Another cute bear thingy obstacle keeping me from my gift.


After I opened that one,
It revealed a cute box.

Siap ada reben2 lagi tu.

But I was right..
It was ruined...
A little torn up..
But that didn't matter,
I only wanted the inside.

I opened it,
and I was shocked.


I'll just tell U guys a little of what was inside.
Some of it better left unknown....



There's the box, A card, And A Graduation Teddy.
Ada lagi benda lain, but, it's safer if U guys don't know about it.

P/s: Sorry for the low quality picture and the low quality photo taking..
Maklumlah....henpon gue x canggih....

last but not least.
Oleh kerana aku dah lama x buat entri lucu2,
Let this picture give U guys the last laugh......


Jard The Great said...

bentuk mcm tetek ja hen. ishh. ko da pandai melucah. lalala

Zenmax said...

@jard, apa yg mcm tetek???? ko ya mnguneeng x tentu pasal...

mndg said...

zen.. kalu gamba tu ko bagi bujur, mmg sebijik mcm ko ..
kalau la upload gambr ni kat fb .. mmg ako like million times ! hahahahaha =)