Sunday, January 2, 2011


I keep on falling so deep..

So deep I almost forgot myself..

I don't know what to do,

My heart is taking over.

Blahblahblahblah ya lah tu...

Dah xda kerja lain kan...

Last night, I had fun.

Almost 2 hours phone call.

Although my ears felt warm after that (up until the point it's almost burning),

I was very happy.

Can't wait to go home and meet my family!

And to eat my mango...


Study pun macam xda...

Ada lah, tapi......hmm.......I think it's gone forever now.
What I read that is..

My God here I am blabbering again.

What happened today?

1. Last night slept at 3.30am. Eca spent the night in my room....or rather she stayed up in my room. Conquering my laptop.

2. Woke up for Subuh prayers and to bid farewell to Eca. (Yeay! Finally she's gone.....for the day...)

3. Slept back.

4. Woke up. Played laptop. Learned a new song. Sang. Got cheered on by the workers downstairs. Stopped singing.

5. Didn't eat my breakfast. The first thing that got into my system today was an icecream. I ate it at 1pm. Hohoho~

6. Cooking with my Manuk Family. Ate Spaghetti. Sedap. Thanks to the cook, Papa Manuk.

7. Was darn full. But Papa Manuk won't stop cooking. He continued cooking chicken breast to make sandwiches. Well, he prepared the chicken, but he didn't fry it. Mama did. Hahaha.. Takut muka hensem dia tu konon kena minyak. Ceh~

8. Slept at Surau.

9. Went back here to my room after that.

10. Checked my email. Replied some.

11. Changed my Blogger Template sempena Tahun Baru. Haha

12. Start blabbering in my blog.

13. Is yet to be determined peeps....!


Esok kuliah.......Hu~

Now, waiting waiting waiting................



sue. said...

pssstt...fallen with who..cter larh..heee

Zenmax said...

@sue, hihihi biarlah rahsia... ngeehee~