Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Funny Encounter

Something funny happened just now.


That's just the thing that I needed after been tricked by the sun.


You see, I told my friend, Rachel about Tini being a chinese and all.
She was amazed.

Then, just now, she went and attacked her in front of her room.


She kept asking whether I was lying or not.

If she is indeed Chinese.

Then, Tini spoke.

"Yes, I am Chinese." (I translated it so that it's easier for you to understand)

Then, Rachel shouted in joy!

"Wow! She can speak Chinese!!" (translated)

She was really really excited. I think, she was jumping up and down. ^^'
I was smiling, they haven't noticed me yet.
I was watching from afar.

Then Tini saw me,
and pointed straight at me.
"Kurang asam ko Zen!!!"


Yup I broke your secret.

But then, I said something that I now regretted.

I apologized in Chinese.

Now Rachel has doubled the shock she got earlier.

"YOU CAN SPEAK CHINESE TOO!!!!" (translated)

Dang it!

I ran into Tini's room, and hid in there.

Now Tini has her chance to get her revenge on me.

"She can actually speak Chinese. She was pretending the whole time." (translated)

Rachel asked, I think,

"Is she Chinese too?"(translated)

"No." (translated)

Then she started asking all of my friends from Sabah.
Only Pija knows a little Chinese.
Other than us both.
I think.

Then, I think Rachel asked Tini these,
"How did she know Chinese?" (translated)

"She studied in a Chinese primary school."(translated)


Then blahblahblahblah....
Malas mw tulis.

I was laughing so hard.


This is the first time I saw someone so excited to know something.


Especially about these kinds of things.

I was al most brought to tears.

You guys should've seen her face.
Her expression.

Almost like this.

Pic credits to Google Images.

It's fun seeing people so shocked about the fact Tini is Chinese and that I know a little bit of Chinese.

But, the problem is now,
what if Rachel continue to speak 100% chinese with me?

I won't understand.

I'll just nod..
Pretend I know what she's talking bout.

Nod nod nod!

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DaiSyŚ¶Ļ~ said...

pics tu ngam sda klu the mouth part opens larger....XD