Friday, November 19, 2010

What I learned today~

1. Never wear shoes if you think it's gonna rain outside, even if the sun is shining brightly outside. Assume it's always gonna rain.

2. Bring lots of money with you. Not a LOT la, ckup2.. Around RM30 or something. Just in case you have the urge to go outside and eat, and in the same time to buy new selipar because the shoes you are wearing is soaking wet.

3. Nod all the time. If you are dealing with a kelantanese person who doesn't know you don't understand whatever it is they're talking bout, just nod and smile.

4. Keep your ability to understand chinese to your self. You don't want them to know. I know it's cool and all, but it's better to keep it to yourself, so that you'll know what they are talking bout, and laugh like a crazy person, alone.

5. Never eat Ayam Brand's Seafood Spread ever again. Even the seafood lover, the cat despises it.

6. If in case someone hurt you, hurt them back. Revenge is sweet. Awas ko Angah.

7. Evanescence is cool~!

8. Force yourself to study, exam is nearing. No more procastination.

9. Sleep, whenever your brain tells you too, and you won't get much. haha
10. Last but not least, remember to count how much money you owe to your friends.
Mesti hutang ak di keliling pinggang uda.
Ak utang ngn...
1. Angah
2. Mama manuk
3. Papa manuk
4. Pija ada kah?
5. Along?
Ntah lah.. too many od, I forgot.
Yang dilupa tu, assume halal lah ya.


aizattaib said...

awas kau zen!!
jgn nak bls dendam sama aku.
aku maseh ingat hutang kao kt ako.

Zenmax said...

Hahahaha mata ak masih sakit yo.
Nxt time, it will "other" parts i'll hurt..
Bersedia lah...