Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Sukanya ak ngn library USM ni.

Other than providing a good place to sleep, (hehe)

they also "halau" us a good way.

That's the main difference from the way KML tells the students that 'It's late, get out.'.


How do they do it?

Tini had experienced it, I never did.

I RARELY study in the library here,
let alone study in the library there.

So, whenever we have a study group there,
being a very skema person,
I'd leave 30min before closing time.

Even at that time the librarian staff,
(or should I say librarian?)
closes some of the lights already, and turned off all the air-conditioners.
A REALLY good way of telling the students to leave.

That's not all, if there are still some people catwalking in slow motion to the exit like in the way Neo evades bullets in the Matrix,
(yup, that slow)
the library staff or librarian, WHATEVER
locks the door.


That's not a typo.

They lock the door from the outside.

Hahaha I still remember when I passed through the library one night,
I saw there are still some students left inside.
Pity them.
Knocking on the door.
Begging to get out.



But our library here is better.


How do they let people know they're closing?

At first they sound the alarm.


Almost like an alarm, but its sorta like the tune from the airport lah.
The one they play before and after they make an announcement.

Ding ding ding DING!
Attention to Mr. Sabuk Biki,
you left your wig at the check-in counter.
Please go back to the check-in counter to get your smelly wig back before some angry people burn it and flush the ashes down the toilet.
Thank you.
Ding ding ding Ding~

That sort of tune.

Then they play some music.

Makes you leave the place happy even though the only thing you did there was sleep.


Uhm.. kay, that's all.


Rasa mcm malas lak nk hapdet blog byk kali ni...

All pictures credit to Google Image.


abe long said...

i'm always study at library coz my calass in labrary..
but don't really like to read

-sedang membaca KONTRAK SOSIAL-

Zenmax said...

abe long,
i'm not much of a reader myself.
Kalau nak lyan buku citer, komik2 gitu ok lah. Tapi klu nak bca bku2 medik, haiyaa.... I'm raising the white flag.