Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cut Me Open

I'm angry.
When I'm angry,
I get sad.
And when I get sad,
I get stressed.
And when I get stressed,

I got out of the library a little bit early at 9.15pm to go get my ice cream at Che Din's.


They don't have any ice cream tonight.
"Tomorrow," that man said, "come back tomorrow."

I DON'T WANT TOMORROW! I WANT IT NOW!! (Wailing and kicking and stomping on the ground like a 10 year old.)

So I got back to my room,
depressed and disappointed.
I find comfort when I open my locked locker...
my comforter,
my lover,

Yea yea yea I know I said I'm not gonna play for 20 days.
But I was desperate to at least destroy something...
And all I can think of right now are...
My fingers and voice.

After a few plays, (yes I play the guitar)
and a few SCREAM-like singing,
I only managed to destroy people's patience in me.

Orang tengah study mau exam aku pla melepaskan stress,
apa orang tak marah.

I was ready for someone to come into my room and beat me up.
But no one dared.

Come on, hit me!
Punch me!
Kick me!

I won't fight back!!

(That excludes people who knew me personally. U guys are out of the question...)


Can't study tonight.

My brain kept blocking any new information,
no matter how hard I tried.

And only by writing these down I feel a little bit better.


Darn these ants.
(Mode bercakap sendiri)

How did U get into my room?
I don't keep any sweet things in my room!
Oh...where did that half-eaten Cadbury came from?
Oh and that KoKo Krunch?
And wait, is that.....KFC's Pocketful? 
(Eye shining, went in closer to inspect.)

Oh darn it's just last week's Hot Dog Bun that I forgot to finish eating..
Oh well.

It still looks good to eat. 
Nyum Nyum~


Dusty's mom said...

Zen, Zen! omg. i wanna show u so many things. kekekeke. let me start by asking u to click this link:

damn cekap ;D

Zenmax said...

@Dusty's Mom: hahahah darn U Risha.. K I'll calm down I'll calm down. I used up one whole night calming down....wasting time....wasting time....=.=''

Dusty's mom said...

its effin' hilarious ryt? i lurve his face. damn cekap. anywho, i have other things to show u. when i c u then. =D
meanwhile, calm the * down. XD
(i knw its annoying, but its sooo fahney!)