Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Mom Told Me

Yesterday I asked my mom after hearing my sisters talking about it.

Me: Mom, what are my good and bad qualities?

Mom: Uhm… (she’s driving at this time) Well, Ur good qualities are that U are a very patient...

Me: That's all?

Mom: And U are helpful.

Me: And?

Mom: Uhm.... and very considerate towards others. That's all I can think of now..

Me: Really? My bad ones pula?

Mom: Uhm….U get upset easily, U hide Ur feelings, Ur quiet but lethal, and Ur just a bomb waiting to explode. When U get upset, U get REALLY REALLY upset. U like sulking a lot. It’s like, nothing happened, but U are actually sulking. U get upset even for the slightest thing people do.

Me: Oh…

When talking bout my good qualities, my mom hesitated a lot. But when it comes to my bad ones, DENGAN PENUH BERSEMANGAT MAK AKU BERCERITA!! Cis…..

Xpa lah... Nobadi isseu perpek kan? (Sila baca dengan penuh kegete'an...sekian terima kasih)

1 comment:

Jard The Great said...

hahaha.. i agree with all her points! but alas.. who else to know more about us than our mother right?