Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'd Suck On Dates

Ok I know I HAVEN'T been on a date before IN MY LIFE.

Kalau setakat jalan ngan kawan2 adalah, tapi kalau jalan ngan orang yang spesel memang tak PERNAH. Nak tau kenapa? Sebab aku xda orang spesel. Alah nak spesel sangat tu buat apa gak? Kawan2 pun cukup lah.

(Tangan yang mengkhianati kata hati...)


Rilek, aku main2 jak.

O and I'm writing this because I got bored of studying.
I know I know final exams are just around the corner.
But it won't hurt to do things like these once in a while right?

Ok, why I'd suck when going on dates?


I'm not much of a "date" person.

Wait, how would you define a "date" anyway?

Ah lantaklah..

Usually on dates, (aku tengok dari wayang omputih lah...)
couples would uhm...go and watch a movie and such. Eat together lah... Hahaha kay a few reason why those things won't work with me.

1. Movies.
Yea, I love watching movies. But when I watch it with friends, I WON'T SHUT UP. I won't stop criticizing the movie or actors or the props they use; ANYTHING that I can criticize at. That's why watching a movie with me won't be a good idea.

2. Dining.
Yea, I love foods....But I have my own timing for those kinds of LAVISH eating. Sometimes, I don't eat. No, I CAN'T eat. And also at times, I'll eat like I never eat before. I don't know why, it's just me....recently... Hohoho~ So if U catch me at the wrong time, be prepared to enjoy the food alone. ^^

3. Holding hands.
Why is this even in my list? I know I'm a Muslim and all, so let's just say I'm listing this as a future reference to my future hubby. Ngehehehe~ Ok, holding hands, uhm...not much of a big fan in SKINSHIP. If Ur a girl, then Ok lah... Haha~ (P/S: I'm straight.)

4. Flowers.
Uhm...From some of the movies I watch, the boyfriend buys a bouquet of roses for the girlfriend...usually when picking her up for the date, but occasionally on dates and also after dates. Ok, I like flowers...but I only like to watch it from afar and admire it's beauty. Don't give one that I have to care for and maintain for a long time. I'm lucky my plant in my room is still alive after MONTHS of not watering it. Luckily, it's a CACTUS.
P/S: I prefer orchids to roses. ^^

5. Talking.
I'M BEST AT THIS. HAHA~ I'd usually talk for hours without shutting up and stopping to catch a breath every now and then. Yep. Be prepared also. U'd get really REALLY annoyed. So, U better have a way to shutting me up. ^^

6. Shopping.
Uhm... If my future hubby is the shop-till-U-drop type of metrosexual guy, well then, HELLO and GOODBYE! Don't let the door hit U on the way out!
I'm not much of a shopping girl. Yea girls. Believe it. I know some girls take shopping as a stress reliever, but I don't enjoy it that much.. Unless....Unless....I'M SHOPPING FOR GADGETS. Hoho~ So, if U wanna shop for clothes and all, go ahead. Meet me at the Apple Store in an hour, can?

7. I got nothing more to list.
Hey, I've never been on a date before aite? So I don't know. Haha

I don't know how these "dates" go, but I'm pretty sure it'll be a very VERY long time before I'd have a real one. Hahaha~

But then, who knows.
People say what we say and do now won't be the same tomorrow.
I don't know.



eca said...

mle2 aq bce tjok,, dlm ati aq kte,,'zen ni mmg da x btol ke???nk citer psl kurma???'hahhahahha....neway,,i enjoy watchin movies wif u...ade org utk d kaco...wahahahah

Zenmax said...

hahaha tgk muvi ngan ko eca, memang lah...uhm.....unique....jom tgk wayang hantu sma2!! I'll go get my earplug ready...