Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blog Challenge: Week 1 (3rd-10th July)

Ok. I accept the challenge! Miahaha~ Too bad there's no prizes to be given out. Darn. Oh well.

I'm writing in Manglish.
Wait. Manglish is Mandarin + English is it?
Uhm. So what is Malay + English?
Malayish? Malangish? Mangish! O darn what ever.....

This is for The 5ive Weekly Blog Challenge.

Let's get this over with. (=

A complete post about yourself.
I don't know me that well. Gotta ask other people for this. Haha

5 things that you remember the most during your childhood, something that brings back that nostalgic feeling of yours.

1. Selalu curi botol susu adik2 aku yang berisi MILO. Aku ada dua adik, jadi ada dua botol. Teka 1 botol lagi tu siapa kebas? Hahahaha Ofkos lah my bro!

2. Selalu curi keropok Hari-Hari dari kedai runcit arwah nenek. Pastu share2 ngan abang. 

3. Abang selalu suruh amik anak ayam yang kecil2 tu, because he wanted to pet it. Being an obedient little sister, I obeyed. Last2 kena kejar mak ayam. HAHAHA ==''

4. Selalu curi Milo dari dapur. Pastu makan sorang-sorang. Tak mau share2... Nuh uh.

5. Abang buat rumah kecil-kecil dari surat khabar. Muat untuk dua orang. Pastu dia suruh aku masuk dan duduk dalam tu. Tak lama kemudian, dia pegi bakar rumah tu.

5 things that make you feel like a complete winner

1. Being the tallest girl in my group of friends. 

2. Pernah dapat 5 surat cinta dari 5 orang berbeza pada waktu yang sama. Ada satu budak tu kreatif. Tulis surat cinta, ikat kat batu, pastu lempar ke kepala aku. =='''

3. Dibelanja aiskrim oleh kawan. Getting any free stuff will make me feel like a winner.

4. Di manja-manja kan parents. Miao~ =3

5. Di belikan Teddy Bear oleh kakak sebagai hadiah hari jadi aku yang ke-13. I love plush toys. Miahaha~ Sadly, I don't even remember where I put that thing.. Haha 

5 things that make you feel like a total loser.

1. There were times on my birthday that no one in my family even bothered to give me any gifts. There wasn't even a cake. Not even a small cupcake...... *sob sob

2. Always getting bullied by my siblings, even my little sisters. =='''

3. Being the tallest girl in my group of friends.

4. I froze on stage while in a Story Telling Competition back in elementary school. Ok, just to get these straight, I didn't even know I was a participant. And I didn't know they gave me permission to bring that book home so that I would memorize it. And I didn't know that everyone on stage would be staring at me. =='''
Oh well, I still got 10th place out of 25 people.

5. Being the only person that doesn't know what people around are talking bout. And this happens quite often. 

There. I did it I did it! Finally!! 

Ready for the next challenge!!!! 

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Firdaus Amin said...

Zen, lol when u wrote 1)#5 he burned it while u're still inside. 3)#4 I had that once, thank God I wasnt in a competition

Firdaus Amin said...

see mine and comment

Zenmax said...

Wah Encik Daus minta kena komen jugak. Hahaha

Firdaus Amin said...

I like commenting...reminds me of facebook :D