Monday, July 25, 2011

Blog Challenge: Week 4 (25th-31st July)

Here, the last challenge thingy.
I promise this is the last of it.
Kind of a relief to finally finish it~
K, let's start!

Write 5 moments that you think you will never forget.

1. The moment when my dad said 'I'm proud of you.' after I got my SPM result in 2009.

2. The moment when I got my first camera phone in 2007. Form 4. It was my dad's company's phone, but he gave it to me since he already has a PDA. :P

3. That day when I made a decision at 26th November 2010. Not regretting it. Nuh uh.

4. Spending time with the manuks. Either messing around in the DK, or going around town looking for a place to hang or simply going for a ride. 

5. All family members are in one house and just having fun like we all used to a few years back when we were just kids. Ah~ Those were the days. 

Tiba-tiba rasa noltagia betul pula. Cett...

 Write 5 things you wished to have for a long time but still not have it.

1. Mini Zoo. I love animals. So I used to tease my mom into making one in our own backyard. (or front yard. Coz our front yard is much bigger than the back. =p) I wanted all kinds of cute and fluffy animals. Rabbits, puppies, cats, sheeps and so on. 

2. Swimming pool. Well.. Uhm.. we do have our own swimming pool right there in front of our house. It's more of just a POOL without the swimming. It's small. So my dad turn it into a fish pond. Ah~ Missed those days where we would fill it with water, jump in, and pretended to swim even though it's just knee-length.

3. Any Apple product I guess? Just to get a taste of it. I wanna know why it's soo cool. Just give me an iPod, and I'll be happy. Hahaha

4. My own driving license. I wanted to take it since 2008. But since one problem grow then another, I just can't seem to apply for my license. I know I can't drive yet. But it doesn't mean I can't learn right?

5. Mini Library. I tried making my own from the large collections of books in my house. But, my collections were never enough. It's full of books that I WON'T EVER EVER read. From my mom's Romance novels to my dad's college books and my big sis's big thick books, I don't think I'd even open those kinds of books even if they were the last books house. If they were the last on Earth and I have no other source of entertainment. then I'd READ them. Haha

Write 5 things that people ever said to you and somehow made you think.
Some are quite harsh, I know, but it definitely made me think. =D

1. 'Ko ni tiada pendirian langsung!' 

2. "Nama jak pandai, tapi berfikir macam palui."

3. "U don't get it. And U still won't get it. Sendiri mau ingat. Get that?" 

4. "Even Dr. Mahathir failed once in his studies. We're just humans. People fail all the time. The differences are whether they are willing to stand back up after falling down." Thanks Mom. :)

5. "Zen ni memang tiada feeling lah. Robot. Scene sedih bukan ko menangis, ketawa pula. Tengok benda jijik-jijik pun boleh-boleh ko kata kiut. Pelik lah ko ni Zen."

Last line tu aku taktau apa mau tulis sudah. Malas mau fikir. Banyak sebenarnya. Tapi tak ingat. Hahahah

Ok. I'm done with this challenge thingy! Had fun doing it though! Next time mau buat challenge gak lah. Mau buat yang best-best jugak. Hahaha


Firdaus Amin said...

Havent started yet with the 4th one. My 3rd blog challenge is still in my draft haha

Zenmax said...

Bila buat? Cepat-cepat buat! Hahaha