Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blog Challenge: Week 3 (18th-24th July)

Yes it's that darn blog challenge again!! Miahaha!
K, let's just skip to the chase. 

Write a post on top 5 blogs that you like to read and state why.

1. Blogserius.
Memang dah jadi perkara wajib masuk tenet pastu buka blog dia. Dia selalu update blog dia sampai entri berbelas-belas jadi orang pun tak boring baca. Topik-topik dia pun selalu cool gitu. Suka baca sebab dapat buang masa dengan begitu seronok sekali. Hahaha 

2. Books Of Adam
Ini orang putih punya blog. He likes to draw things based on his life experiences. Fun to read since its so darn funny. But the only problem is that he RARELY updates his blog. Sometimes I waited for one whole month to wait for him to update. Huhu~

Ya lah. Kakak aku kan. Asal ada entri baru aku baca lah. Sebab aku kena tau jugak macammana hidup dia sana. Kalau ada entri pelik-pelik aku tau lah macam mana nak layan dia. Perli ka, bagitau my mom ka, call terus and tanya apa hal. All sorts of things a darling little sister would do. Mwahahah *bangga

4. Cursing Malay
Ok, ni blog ni serius baru ja mula start baca. Lawak pun ada, serius pun ada. But mostly macam bagi pengajaran and bagi aku berfikir lah bila baca penulisan dia ni. Tapi setiap kali dia update blog memang wajib aku baca punya. Walaupun pasal undang-undang kereta yang aku malas nak tau. Haha

5. Hai.thaya.nama.doyah
Ok, aku respek perempuan ni. Berani. Suka baca sebab dia berani tulis benda-benda macam tu kat blog dia. Haha baca lah sendiri. Malas nak explain. Walaupun sekarang ni dia sangat sangat jarang update blog, tapi try baca entri-entri lama dia. Best!

Ok, eventhough the challenge asked for 5 only, I definitely love reading other blogs too. Not just these. I can't think of other blogs for now. Kinda forgot it. I love Gossipboy too. Lama betul dia tak update blog..... 

Write a post on 5 movies that really give you the feel of something the first time you watched it.

1. Titanic

Now tell me who hasn't watched Titanic and not feel anything? I feel...Uhm...disappointed. Why? Well, I watched this movie when I was about 10-12 years old maybe. And I hate the fact that THE HANDSOME ONE MUST DIE! WHY?! WHY DID LEONARDO DiCAPRIO HAD TO GO? TAKE THE DARN WOMAN INSTEAD. Ehem... 

2. Up

Disney's Pixar Movie. Honestly I cried watching this. I feel for the grandpa. Kesian ni. Huhu. (Yes I'm sensitive!) Plus I love the chubby kid. Chubby is always cute. Lalala~ 

3. All old Disney Movies

I grew up watching them. I practically learned how to live like a cartoon because of them. I used to believe that people can fly if they have big ears, mermaids have beautiful singing voice and if U lie, Ur nose get longer...and pointy-er. Like Mr. Bean!

4. Pan's Labyrinth

I think this movie is enchanted. I like the fact that she could be only imagining the whole thing. And that eventhough she died, she's happy because she get to be a princess.....Maybe.....I should probably watch this movie again.

5. Harry Potter!!!

Yesterday I watched the final movie. Not really feeling sad that the series has come to an end, but I can't deny the fact that this movie really did made me believe that there might be more than those silly witches in those Disney's movies with the ugly faces and those brooms screaming 'ngeheeeeeeeheeeeekeeekeeeekeeee boppity boopidy boop"

Write 5 things that you think attract you to your opposite sex or same sex?
Wait, does this question asks for both sexes? Hmm..

For Opposite sex.

1. Their smile. 

I have a thing with smiles. I smile all the time (I think) and I like making people smile. I used to think that if I smile, people will smile with me. But I grew up and that's not true all the time. T.T

2. Sense of Humour
And I like people who can make me laugh! Miahaha~ 

3. Age.
I notice these nowadays. I kinda like looking or a more appropriate word, 'eye-washing' (cuci mata) at people older or the same age as me. I know what Ur thinking, how do we know how old they are just by looking at them? Well, I don't know. I just sorta knew. I lost interest in young boys now. (And I'm actually referring to Korean Pop Idols ya) They got younger and younger these days. I can't fall in love with someone younger. Oh gosh, is this the sign that I'm getting OLDER? ARGH~~!

4. Appearance
Ya ya I know don't judge a book by its cover. But seriously girls, would you take longer than 10 seconds at a guy wearing a really selekeh-like clothes with girly flip flops? Uhm... Well, I'd stare for more than that, but not attracted, just...amazed. I guess I'd spend more time looking at that guy than a guy who dresses nicely. Odd. 

5. The way they treat people and himself.
Ok, this I learned the hard way. Some people are just posers. In front of U they were these nice guys acting all innocent but behind U, they mock Ur mere existence! Peh! So, a guy who treats people (not just the opposite sex) and himself better is definitely a plus for me. Hehe

Uhm. That's it. Not gonna write for the same sex one. I don't wanna freak people out. I don't even wanna freak ME out. I might just turn into a lesbian thinking bout it. Haha

Ok, third week done! Next!!! 



Firdaus Amin said...

Aku baru nak include Cursingmalay. About the last statement...hahahahah

cicero said...

"i used to think that if i smile, people will smile with me."

used to think the same. tp skrg kebanyakan org kedekut senyuman. balas senyuman pun tidak. =.="

p/s: at least we're not turning to be like them, k? haha ;)

Zenmax said...

@Daus, aku kenal blog tu dari Aizat jugak. Haha

@Cicero, betul3, kedekut tul. Tapi yg penting kita still suka snyum. Hehe =D

mndg said...

ayoo machaa ~ kecik jua font blog ko ni ~ sakit mata ohh baca ! hahaha